8 Spotify hacks you need to know

Ever wondered how to get the most out of Spotify? I've picked the brains of some of our music-loving staff for their all time favourite hacks. Obviously, one of the best hacks is that you can grab Spotify Premium for £4.99 a month with your UNiDAYS membership. Over to the hacks...

1. Accidentally deleted a playlist on your phone?

Rob, one of our web developers, let us know that you can restore it from your account on the Spotify website which we had no idea about!

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2. Monthly playlists

Ben, our marketing coordinator is all about the monthly playlists.

It’s not really a hack but I like to make Spotify playlists by month and add songs that I’m listening to and then it’s cool going back and being like oh yeah I was doing that when I heard that song...

3. Headspace bonus!

Rob from the testing team let us know the handy hack that if you have a Spotify Premium membership you get free membership to Headspace, a really great meditation app that we love to use for chilling out.

4. Collaborative playlists

Maddy from our social media team loves to create shared playlists.

My friends that I go to Glastonbury with all pop their favourite artists and bands that they want to see into one playlist before we get there. That way we know who we want to go and see and can all get in the mood pre-festival with the same playlist. Plus, it works as a great reminder of our time post-festival.

5. Artist Radio

Like a band and want to find similar music? Can’t be bothered to scroll through pages of related artists? Enter Artist radio. On your mobile app, click on the three little dots on an artist’s page and then ‘Go to Radio’. Spotify will launch a radio station (read: playlist) of related tunes for your listening pleasure. - Poppy, our CRM Executive.

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6. Release Radar

Another one from Poppy! If you love being the first to know about new releases then this playlist will be your BFF. Release Radar is a personalised playlist that features all the most recent releases from the artists that you love and listen to. It updates weekly on Friday so be sure to follow it so you don’t miss out.

To find it navigate to Browse > Discover > Release Radar.

7. On the go tunes

Our marketing intern Francesca says: "Make a playlist of your favourite songs and make the playlist available offline so that the songs are downloaded, then you can listen to them even when you don't have wifi!"

8. The Shazam/Snapchat hack

Francesca's second hack is all about that song that you want to know what it is! Have a 'Shazam playlist' set up, use Snapchat's Shazam feature to identify songs when you're out and about, then once you've found the song you can use the 'open in Spotify' feature, and save it straight to the Shazam playlist. Done!

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