8 cool first date ideas

We all know that first dates can be awkward as hell but they can also be really fun too and any first date could be the start of something great. Obviously a lot of how successful a date is comes down to who you’re on it with, but it can also be down to where you go and what you decide to do. Whatever you’re doing remember to plan ahead, make an effort, show up on time, keep the conversation as balanced and flowing as possible and be yourself. And above all, have fun!

The entertaining one

Going to a gig is a good way to break the ice and it will show whether you have things in common such as music taste. If you’re not massively into music then you could go to a comedy night instead but avoid going to the cinema or theatre at all costs - it’s just 2-3 awkward hours of not speaking. Article-size_firstdates_4

The sporty one

This is an American favourite - going to a sports game is likely to be non awkward and fun. You’ll either have something in common if you support the same team or you’ll spark a little bit of fun competitiveness if you support rival teams. Article-size_firstdates_8

The physical one

You should always try and keep a date fun so something physical is a good way to avoid either of you getting bored. You could go for a classic like bowling or something like rock climbing or even something adventurous like renting segways. Article-size_firstdates_2

The foodie one

Food is a safe bet because it’s a winner with everyone. You’re better off suggesting a brunch or lunch so that if you’re not enjoying it, you’re not tied in for like a 7 course meal. Article-size_firstdates_6

The boozy one

Again, alcohol is normally a good way to go (just check that your date actually drinks before planning anything). And there are so many options; your local pub, a bar crawl or a wine tasting (if you’re super fancy)! Article-size_firstdates_7

The animal one

Going to the zoo or aquarium may sound childish but it can actually be really fun and there’s plenty to see and do. Also you’ll definitely get some cute animal selfies! Article-size_firstdates_1

The touristy one

If you’re in a new town then it would be fun to look around and discover some cool places. If you’re familiar with where you are then you could take a tour of all the best spots. Either option will give you a good chance to chat without the pressure of being sat at a table together for a couple of hours with nothing else going on. Article-size_firstdates_3

The spectacular one

If you’re really going all out and aiming to impress (and have some spare money that you’re wanting to spend) then a hot air balloon is the way to go! It’s creative, it’s probably something they haven’t done before and it’s definitely something they’ll remember for a long time! Article-size_firstdates_5(1) All images sourced from pinterest.com

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