8 Aussie artists you need to hear

This blog post should be called "Eight of the Best - Australian acts destined for (even more) greatness in 2016" but you know, word count and all that... let's get straight into it.

1. Flume

Sounds like: Those slow motion videos of waves crashing on Instagram.

You already know Flume, and duh, the new album is about to drop, unless you live under a rock you really should know all this. Hotly anticipated after the mammoth success of his debut LP back in 2012. Apparently struck by a bit of writers block between albums you wouldn't know it from new tracks Say It and Never Be Like You which have been well worth the wait sounding bigger and bolder than ever. Prepare to hear this everywhere!

2. The Bennies

Sounds like: If pizza made a computer game about 420

When not going viral for pranks The Bennies are working hard on their own brand of 'Psychedelic Reggae Ska Doom Metal Punk Rock From Hell'. Their newest album Wisdom Machine is nuts. It skips around so many genres and tempos it really shouldn't work but it really does and it's glorious. On tour forever so go catch them and have fun for once.

3. King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard

Sounds like: The Stooges, The Sonics and MC5 all playing at the same time. In space!

Prolific and relentless. The 7 member garage rock beast took an acoustic detour last year with Paper Mache Dream Balloon, then before you could even get your head round that they dropped Nonagon Infinity, a pounding return to the guitar onslaught that got them worldwide attention. For a band with a name so ridiculous as the one they stuck with you'd think they'd be back flipping burgers in McDonalds after 6 months but they're still doing it and doing it real real well.

4. DMA's

Sounds like: Oasis. They sound well like Oasis.

Australia's answer to the Manchester Britpop brothers broke out in 2014, who boast about robbing Gallagher beer from their rider and even got Noel to express in an interview that he's going to boo them from the side of the stage in an effort to spook them. Seeing as there is no Oasis anymore it doesn't hurt to have people dig into the same sound and put out a 2016 spin on the same vibe. It totally works, sounding vibrant, new and fresh... which is more than can be said about Beady Eye. Debut album Hills End just dropped and they tour this June.

5. Luca Brasi

Sounds like : A well made brand new skateboard covered in 90's pop punk stickers.

It didn't take long for Tasmania's Luca Brasi to be loud enough to get noticed on the mainland. There's a wealth of excellent punk rock across the country right now spearheaded by hardworking folks like The Smith Street Band, who Luca Brasi just happen to be supporting on their upcoming AUS tour. Get down early for LB's powerful and precise punk rock.

6. Retiree

Sounds like: Watching a video on YouTube at 2am of men with moustaches dancing around a well kept garden.

Perfect headphone jams for strutting around town like John Travolta at the start of Saturday Night Fever. Funky disco RnB that sounds way better than calling something "Funky Disco" should. If their social media is anything to go by we should be expecting an album sometime this year. Drop it just in time for Summer please lads. Thanks and that.

7. GL

Sounds like: Your 80's superhero origin story. You get lost in a fog of hairspray so dense you become a Teen Wolf Delorean Transformer.

This Sydney duo streamline the very best of 80/90s dance music into a super danceable sound done none better on tracks like the newest release Grip. You want music for rollerskating to your job at the bowling alley to? This is it. Not a single boring or dud track so far from this pair.

8. Safia

Sounds like: The Hump Day soundtrack reminding you weekends still exist

Why - Expertly constructed indie electronica that began life for bedroom producers Ben Woolner and Michael Bell in 2012 before expanding into a trio releasing breakout track Counting Sheep last year. A string of festival appearances and recent EP 'Embracing Me' shows Safia have no intention of slowing down.

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