7 ways to get life balance

Uni can be some of the most exciting days of your life but they can also feel quite stressful when you're trying to pack so much in at once. Uni, work, a social life, keeping fit, managing your finances, doing chores - the list seems never ending! To save yourself a lot of stress and make sure you're not devoting your whole life to work or totally ignoring your responsibilities, I've got a few tips on how you can keep your life well balanced.

1. Plan, plan, plan

The most important thing you can do! Work out a budget for what you need to buy, what lectures you have each week and what parties are coming up -  you could simply put any key dates in your phone so you don't forget anything important! ‌

2. Be pro-active

As a former procrastination queen, I know how easy it can be to put work off until the last minute but you're much better off doing work as soon as you can. That way you know it's already done and you can focus your time on other things!

3. Make the most of your time

With so many naps to be had and series to be watched, we can sometimes miss out on the important stuff in favour of a lazy day. To make sure you can enjoy your lazy days guilt-free, make the most of your time! Do your food shopping on a set day every week and do all your meal prep for the week ahead, that way you don't have to worry about cooking every single day. The same goes for chores!‌

4. Cut things down

Sometimes it simply feels like there aren't enough hours in the day but there's plenty you can do in less time than you think. You could do HIIT work outs (which burn a lot of calories but don't take very long) rather than a full hour and you could get ready quicker by using dry shampoo to save time in the mornings!

5. Prioritise the important stuff

It's different for everyone but you have to work out what is most important to you and then prioritise. For example, if uni work is really important to you then make sure you schedule revision sessions and then plan other stuff around them.

6. Don't be too hard on yourself

Juggling multiple things in your life can be stressful so make sure you're not too hard on yourself if you don't get time for something. Missed a work out last week but managed to catch up with a friend you haven't seen for ages? Don't be stressed about what you missed but be happy about the stuff you did do!

7. Make time for you

Above all, don't forget to look after yourself. Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time for healthy eating, the odd pamper session or two and getting enough sleep each night!

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