7 hacks to help early mornings

We know how hard it is to get up in the morning but these 7 tips should make things a little easier!

1. Sleep, sleep, sleep

This is obviously the most important part of being able to wake up early. Head to bed at a reasonable time, you should know how much sleep you need to feel good so don’t short change yourself just for an extra episode. Make sure that you’re not staying up scrolling on Instagram because the light from your screen will make it more difficult for you to chill out properly and get a good night’s sleep. You could take this opportunity to give your skin some TLC too! Try the Pixi Nourishing Sleep Mask to add extra moisture and protection to your skin overnight.

2. Get prepped!

When you come home after classes, keep everything that you need in one place ready for the next morning. Don’t leave your keys in the fruit bowl and your books under your bed. By leaving everything together that you’ll need to grab before you head out of the door you reduce the risk of panicking that you’ve lost something early in the morning. No one needs to be stressing out first thing!

3. Outfit plan

We’re not talking Next Top Model style, we just mean have an idea of what you might want to wear the next day and if something needs ironing then it’s best to do it the night before. You can even prepare you hair by using a product such as Redken's Pillow Proof Blow Dry range, this strengthens hair and prepares it for styling the next morning without going frizzy overnight. This will definitely save you some time in the morning! ‌

4. Learn to love breakfast

Whether it’s Instagram-worthy avocado toast or a simple bowl of porridge, having something to look forward to is a surefire way of getting you out of bed in the morning. Choose something easy or something that you can prep the night before, for example, chop all your fruit ready for your smoothie bowl and you’ll save yourself loads of time.

5. Don’t snooze!

If you’re hitting that snooze button you could be making things harder for yourself. It might feel awesome that second that you fall back to sleep but when it comes to waking up again, it’s twice as difficult to feel fresh.

6. Kick start

If your early mornings aren’t too early and you could fit in a short workout, why not? This is a great way to get ready for the day and you won’t have to worry about hitting the gym after a long day at university. Pop an energising moisturiser into your wash bag for an extra energy hit after your shower, we love the Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser. ‌

7. Make a pact

If you’ve promised to meet someone at a certain time, you’re more likely to stick to it. Arrange to walk to class with a friend or meet for a quick coffee before uni and you’re less likely to fail at getting up early. ‌

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