7 gifts you didn't know existed

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little bit out of the ordinary, then look no further. Ranging from vodka made from mermaid tears to a coffee bean puzzle, there’s really no need to rely on a trusty old Lynx box set for your secret Santa pressie!

1. The unicorn cookbook

If you know someone who loves everything that’s colourful, this is the perfect pressie! This wonderful book contains many recipes on how to make beautiful coloured treats. From a magical explosion cake to dreams on toast and happiness pancakes. It’s simply a book of pure delights.

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2. Sushi stacker

Remember Jenga? Well, this is even better! It’s not one game, but nine games in one! It comes with chopsticks and 48 sushi pieces in 8 different variations, a sushi lovers dream. Each piece opens up so you can make the games a little rebellious by filling them with dares and forfeits.

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3. Black like my soul marshmallows

Everyone knows someone who’s a little black-hearted. Why not give them the gift of feeding their lifeless soul with some dark and delicious marshmallows. A lovely sweet and moreish vanilla treat coated with black sugar crystals.

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4. Mermaid tears vodka

Yep, this is no joke. The premium French grain vodka is made from the tears of the legendary aquatic creatures. This ocean-blue liquid has a glowing glittery haze, perfect for splashing into a cocktail or serving straight over some nice. Yes, mermaids are real and yes, this is made from their tears.

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5. Reese’s peanut butter cups lip kit

Peanut butter and chocolate has got to be one of the best combinations out there, and this lip kit smells and tastes like the real deal. In this cute little kit, you get two lip balms and a compact mirror in a handy little tin. Now your BFF can get their peanut butter and chocolate fix without stuffing their face.

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6. Coffee bean puzzle

The perfect gift for your coffee and puzzle-loving mates. This fun little puzzle is made up of 108 tiny pieces - not for those who don’t have any patience!

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7. Take better selfies lens kit

Everyone’s got that one friend who absolutely loves taking a selfie, or a thousand. This pocket-sized kit comes with 5 quality clip-on lenses which allows you to take the selfie game to the next level. Ranging from a fisheye for an abstract view to a wide-angle lens for the ultimate group selfie, it’s got everything a selfie lover needs.

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