6 reasons to look forward to autumn

It's autumn!

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Besides the cosy weather and a new year of school starting here are a few reasons why we're looking forward to autumn!

1. Our favourite shows come back

Our favourite shows come back in autumn. From X Factor to Stranger Things and Empire to I’m a Celeb. We all have our favourite shows that we can’t wait to come back. Who doesn’t enjoy the feeling that we can start binge-watching TV again without guilt that you should be outside?

2. Autumn aesthetics

Autumn is the opportunity for a good aesthetic Instagram post. The warm tones of orange, red and burgundy from the leaves. Not only are the surroundings delightful to look at, the displays of clothes around the shops when you walk in tells you autumn has arrived!

3. Comfy clothes

Speaking of clothes! Autumn is here, which means sweater weather. We have the chance to finally stop worrying too much about what we wear! It's the time of the year when people no longer care if you repeat your clothes every once in a while. Yes to wearing the same comfy cardigan all the damn time. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of a good jumper especially during the cold weather?

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4. Sales

Linking to the previous point, autumn is great for sales. From the end of summer sales to Black Friday, the savings are a-coming!

5. Warm drinks

It doesn’t matter if you are a coffee, hot chocolate or straight up tea person. The warm feeling of drinking hot drinks is one that you can't beat in the autumn!

6. We know what to expect with the weather

We finally don't have to worry about the unpredictable weather unlike the “British summer”. It is certain it will be raining and cold and we love it!

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