5 ways to find your zen

Sometimes, life can get so busy and chaotic that you don’t really get a chance to slow down and reflect on things, especially when you’re trying to balance the demands of working, socialising, keeping fit etc. So, in light of World Yoga Day (22nd February), we’ve found 5 super simple ways for you to take a step back from the chaos and relax. Trust us, you’ll feel so much better for it.

1. Deep abdominal breathing

Taking deep breaths is such an easy way to reduce how stressed you’re feeling. Research has suggested that regularly practising ‘deep belly breathing’ has loads of benefits including improved quality of sleep and better mental focus levels. Breathe in through your nose and hold the breath for a few seconds. After this, exhale through your mouth, making sure this exhalation takes around double the time it took to inhale. You can do this as often as you want, wherever you are.

2. Get your yoga ON!

We couldn’t do a post inspired by World Yoga Day and not include a bit of yoga itself, could we? Regularly practising yoga can have loads of different mental and physical benefits, like improved balance to mental calmness. Ideal if life gets a little bit too much, huh? If you’re not sure where to start, it’s probably best to do some research into what type of yoga you want to do, as there are loads of different types that all have certain benefits and purposes.

3. Walk, walk, walk

Do you normally drive everywhere or hop on the bus? Stop right there! Driving and catching public transport can be pretty stressful at times, not to mention the cost, so why not try walking more or even biking? Not only will this give you the chance to practise your deep breathing, but it will also allow you to have some you time and clear your head. You don’t need to do this every day if you don’t want to, but maybe just 1-2 times a week. Get some fresh air into those lungs!

4. Talk, talk, talk

You’ve probably heard it a million times before, but we’re firm believers that “a problem shared is a problem halved". If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try talking this through with someone you trust. This will help you to get everything on your mind off of your chest, plus the person you’re talking to might be able to come up with solutions and ideas to make you feel more positive. Holding everything in isn’t a good idea, so go on, let it all out!

5. Create your own zen zone

When life gets too much, you definitely need somewhere that you can go which is completely stress-free, calming and comfortable. It’s completely up to you where you want your little zen zone to be, but make sure it’s somewhere with limited distractions and noise. Why not light some candles or dim the lights? Go all out! You might feel like just sitting still and focusing on your breathing, or you might want to do some yoga. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, take the time to do it.

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