5 ways to celebrate the end of term

Exams are over. No more coursework. Time to celebrate - you made it! Here are five ideas for how you can treat yourself once the madness is over.

1. Get away on holiday

Whether it's already booked or you're dreaming of a break, now is the time to start really looking forward to getting away. Check out our top things to do on holiday post for a few ideas!

2. Rest and relaxation

Whether it's a voucher deal spa days, you're simply getting your nails done or it's an at home pampering session, it's time to treat yourself. R&R could even simply be the lie-in that you've been missing out of because of those 9am lectures.

3. Pizza party!

Or even a Chinese, Indian, fried chicken, Mexican or sushi party... The possibilities are endless and you have 100% earned this takeaway treat. Stay in with your besties, and binge watch something awesome. Plus, you can now grab an awesome 10% off orders from JUST EAT which means it'll be even cheaper to split the cost amongst a group of mates.

4. Home made cocktails

If you're not feeling a big messy night out then a smaller soiree could be a great idea! Make your own cocktails to bring something special to the party, these Cucumber & Lime Margaritas look super tasty. Avoiding the alcohol all together? These Cherry Bomb Cocktails are the perfect refreshing drink. Article_JustEat_Cocktails

5. Movie Marathon

Get your old box sets and favourite films out and have a good old binge watch! You’ll probably discover some gems that you’ve forgotten about! JustEat_10NP-Blog-Perk

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