5 ways to beast your reading week

With reading week around the corner, I thought it'd be helpful to suggest 5 ways to make the most out of your university reading week. It’s probably best to use your reading week to it’s full potential rather than watching Netflix, staying in your pyjamas, and eating all your mum’s home cooking (even if that might be nice)!

1. Organise & schedule

The best thing I can recommend for when you have a full week off is to be organised. Create a schedule, with over one hundred hours of free time you can lose yourself. Don’t fall out of a regime, of course, take some time for yourself but set achievable and manageable goals. One of my favourite ways to ensure I get everything done is to write To-Do lists, get yourself a cute new notebook and get things done! Article_BeastReadingWeek Image Source

2. Study, study, study

It always takes me a few weeks to get back into uni work, (maybe that’s my own fault) but don’t let yourself go over reading week. Use it! Catch up on work or get ahead on assignments. It might sound obvious but prioritise your work in order of deadlines, this way you can avoid last minute panics.

3. Exercise

You have even got time to be a gym bunny or enjoy a yoga class. Get involved, exercise releases endorphins which make you super happy, so get moving!

4. Meditate

You may think meditation isn't for you, but believe me it could be. It’s about connecting with your soul (if that is too deep for you, think of it as your inner reality). There are many powerful reasons to meditate, it is proven to reduce stress and alleviate anxiety. It improves concentration and allows you to be less bothered about little things that may end up picking you apart. Having a clear mind will allow you to become more productive, so what’s more perfect than a quick meditation to smash out the last of your coursework?

5. Take care of yourself

Getting your work done is of course important, but don’t forget to be you! If you’ve been in all day, it might be worth taking a stroll and clearing your head. Allow yourself breaks. If you have spent all morning writing a report, grab a cuppa, blanket and a good book and take your mind off uni just for an hour or so. Your reading week is for completing work but don’t forget to reward yourself! Hero Image Source

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