5 ways not to lose your chill

Studying can be a stressful time and juggling uni life, socialising, a part-time job, a hobby and so much more can sometimes become overwhelming. Especially if you've not lived away from home for that long, looking after yourself is one serious task. Here's 5 times to help you chill out if you feel like you're about to completely lose your chill.

1. Cook, BBQ or bake!

Now that the weather's hopefully taken a turn for the better it's time to get the BBQ out! Or, take some time in the kitchen to create a healthy and tasty meal. Taking your time over something in the kitchen rather than just chucking some pasta in a pan or microwaving something will be a lot more relaxing. If you're a baker, it's time to get your Mary Berry on and create something seriously delicious. Getting creative in the kitchen could be your ticket to Chill Town. ‌

2. Meditation and yoga

If you seriously need to take a step back and chill, meditation and yoga can both be awesome for this. Either log on to YouTube and search for a yoga for beginners video or head down to a class at your local gym. Most yoga sessions have a small meditation segment at the end if you're a bit intimidated by this to begin with!

3. Colouring

This sounds crazy if you've not been bitten by the colouring bug yet but it really is a great way to switch off and chill out if things are getting a little wild in your world. We spend a lot of our time looking at screens, both at work, at uni and even when we're chilling at home that it's nice to switch off and do something completely different. Colouring is super relaxing and you don't even have to invest in a colouring book, just search online for colouring sheets and print a few off to begin with. Plus, save up to 10% off printers and up to 15% off ink with your UNiDAYS® HP discount and that's a huge saving on printing your fave colouring sheets! https://twitter.com/FussFreeHelen/status/728579108876201985 Hero Image Source

4. Shopping

up to 30% off HP? That's an epic saving on some seriously sweet revision-improving gadgets and accessories. You can grab 30% off accessories and save up to 10% on printers, up to 15% on inks and toners, up to 10% on monitors and up to 10% on PCs!

5. Call Your Mum

Finally, if it's all getting too much and you need to let it all out, Mum's the word. She'll know exactly what to do and it'll make you feel so much better. Parents can put things into perspective in a different way and everything won't seem as bad once you've had a big old rant about it.

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