5 ways graduation is a good thing

Graduation feels can take their toll in two ways. On one hand it can seem like a huge weight off your shoulders, you've done it, it's over! And, on the other hand it can feel like your comfort blanket of 3 or 4 years of university has just been ripped away from you. Whatever camp you're in, here are 5 reasons why graduation is a really good thing (or basically why it's not a bad thing!). You nailed it, you're officially an adult!

1. No more projects - just real stuff

One thing that really got to me by the end of university was the fact that all of the projects and essays and work that you had to do was completely hypothetical and I just wanted to get out into the real world and do things that would actually have an impact. Graduating means just this, real things to work on with real results!

2. People won't leave you

As much as it might feel like the last day of school, remember that the people that are most important to you will stick around so you don't have to feel like you'll never see them again. Maybe you don't see some school friends anymore but maybe you do, it will be the same with uni friends. The most important people will always be there when you need them but this time you'll actually have money to do stuff!

3. You'll find more people

Heading into a new town, a new job or a grad scheme means that you'll meet even more people. Plus, you're really good at meeting new people now, you've been doing it for the past 3 years. This means that you've got more opportunities to make friends and connections, embrace it.

4. You're free!

Whether you want to hit the ground running in a new job or travel the world, you're finally free to do so without your lecturer on your back about that essay you were meant to get to them yesterday...

5. The gifts

OK, last but not least. You get a party, a dinner, gifts, cards, all kinds of celebrations just for you. Lap it all up, it probably won't happen again until you get engaged or have a baby (eeek!). Take this opportunity to buy your friends or family who are graduating too some super cute cards to say well done for all their hard work. TEMPLATE-ARTICLES_BLOG You Deserve A Treat    Boast Likely    Graduate Work Die    Multi Purpoise   You're The Triceratops Grab 10% off Ohh Deer whilst you're at it!Blog-Perk-Template

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