5 types of people in October

1. The one who's obsessed with Halloween.

The clock strikes 12 and their brains snap; it’s October. Just 31 days to go till the greatest night of the year. They’ll prepare for the holiday by watching repeats of horror films and telling you about their costume, which’ll be their best one yet. Halloween decorations are not out of the picture, and prepping their make up with hours of tutorials results in a lot of fake blood. WARNING: if you befriend them, there is a chance they’ll make you dress up as Eleven from Stranger Things, or Donald Trump.

2. The one who's only thinking about Christmas

October, for many, means one thing: another month closer to Christmas. These folks won’t bother with the Halloween fuss, but rather skip straight to the Elf DVD. They’ll constantly remind you with a countdown to the day, and the Christmas decorations might be starting to slowly appear around the house. The colder temperature only helps infatuate their obsession with the holiday, as they wrap up warm with hot chocolate and Home Alone on the screen.

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3. The one who's obsessed with Pumpkin Spice Lattes

For these people, the return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte is the highlight of the year. Their Instagram-able moments hit a major peak as they consume autumn themed beverages, and take snapchats of the autumn leaves. They’ll be spotted wearing beanies and oversized jumpers, taking advantage of the colder weather with the outfits they’ve been thinking about all year. Disclaimer, they are adamant Pumpkin Space Lattes is the best thing ever created.

4. The one with regret

It’s October. Soon it’ll be December. Then new year. What have you accomplished? This person will be looking over the year with regret, realising everything they promised they would’ve accomplished had been left behind in February. They’ll probably take up running, or join the gym in an attempt to regain some confidence, but by the end of the month they’ll leave it for next year’s resolutions.

5. The one who refuses to accept it's October

Probably spotted wearing non-weather appropriate clothing, these people won’t stop dressing like it’s July. The memories of BBQ’s and festivals are too good to hold onto, so they’ll continue to pretend it’s the summer of their life. They might ask to sit by the radiator in the restaurant just to ensure they aren’t seen shivering.

Which one are you? Share with your friends to hint who they are in October!

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