5 simple decor hacks for Halloween

Like any party, you want to be focused on the actual partying rather than stressing over planning but for Halloween there's a few extra things to think about like costumes, themes and decor. Here are 5 hacks and tips to make your freaky decorating a little bit easier. Now you've got more time to plan your costume and bathe in fake blood!

1. Pumpkins

Probably the most accessible and easy way to decorate for Halloween is with pumpkins! They are everywhere, in every shop and they only take a little imagination, some tea lights and a few carving skills to Halloween-ify your place. You don't even have to go with the classic pumpkin face, try using cookie cutters for a cool design.

2. Mason jars

Another seriously easy Halloween decor hack is to use mason or jam jars for everything! Fill them with printed off photographs and water to look like heads in jars, pack them with snacks and sweets for the food table, make cocktails in them for extra hipster points and wrap them in bandages for cute mummified decorations. The possibilities are endless! Article-2 Image Source

3. Day Of The Dead

When in doubt for Halloween, go for a Day of The Dead theme! All you need are loads of skulls and skull themed decor and a tonne of flowers, (fake, real or paper will do!). This way you don't have to worry about making things look 'scary' because the brighter the better with this theme! Article-1Image Source

4. Stick With A Colour Scheme

A super simple hack for really easy but effective Halloween decorations is to stick with one theme for the colours. Then, whatever you have in that theme, be it Halloween themed or not, goes! Think totally monochrome black and white or creepy black and red or even just all black. Article-3Image Source

5. Fake blood and bandages

If Halloween to you equals dead everything then the easiest way to go about it is with a bucket load of fake blood, bandages and lots of stuff you don't mind ruining. Replace things like cushion covers, towels and curtains with blood stained covers or buy really cheap versions just for your party. This will make your whole house look like a horror movie! Hero Image Source

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