5 photography hacks for great photos

Fancy being the next David Bailey but not quite sure where to start? Have a camera and wish you could use it to it's full potential? You're in the right place! There are 101 tips that we could share all about how to take awesome photos but here are our favourite five hacks.

1. Don't be a flasher

If you turn your flash off from the automatic setting as this will flood your images with too much light. People won't be blurry as the flash freezes them in place but it doesn't make the image look very good. Keep your flash closed and increase your ISO instead. This will use the 'ambient' light available - the light which is actually in the room and this usually has more colour and depth meaning that your photograph will end up being more than just a bright face on a dark background. Most cameras have an ISO button and you can always check out YouTube tutorials if you're not sure what you're doing here!

2. Get close

You know when your parents take a photo of you and you're literally the size of an ant and the building or landmark behind you is gigantic? Don't do this. It's OK to cut off legs etc if you're taking landmark photographs because it will make the subject of the photograph more prominent. Get super close to your subject, don't just use the zoom option. This will 100% make your images better because you're focussed on the subject, not the empty space around it. ‌

3. Think outside the box

Instead of simply pointing and shooting, thinking outside the box is a great way to take amazing photographs. Look for symmetry or repeating patterns in your subjects such as reflections onto water or funky brickwork on buildings. Both of these things can take a standard photograph to new heights and create a much more interesting subject. Also, try and choose new perspectives, get over the subject of your photograph or even lie down next to it. Anything goes! ‌

4. Use your aperture

Using more aperture is basically blurring out the background of your photographs. This is what makes a lot of photos look more professional! You need to use a bigger aperture or a smaller f-number to blur the background/foreground of an image and make your subject look more prominent. If you're serious about aperture, investing in lenses can be the best way to get that sought after blurred background.

5. The rule of thirds

On your iPhone you can pop a handy grid onto your screen when taking a photo which can make the rule of thirds super easy. If your camera has this option to, jump to it! You want the subject of your image to be within or line up with one or two thirds of your image to create the most impact. Feeling inspired to get creative with a camera? Grab 15% off our newest perk Canon to help you on your way!

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