5 non binge-watching things to do

As much as we love to be total coach potatoes and slob out watching our favourite new show sometimes you can feel like it's all you're doing and all that screen time isn't good for us. Here are 5 alternatives that you can do in the evening to avoid another night of 'just one more episode...'.

1. Socialise

Yep, like, actually go outside with your friends or even more of a shocker, meet new people. Try that new restaurant you've had your eye on for a while, or, if you want to save money, have your bestie over for dinner or eat at home and then head out for one or two drinks. If even this is a step too far why not host a viewing party when the new season of your fave show comes out? This way you get the best of both worlds. Socializing and you still get to eat snacks and watch Jon Snow do his thing. This is a great middle ground and you could start a cool tradition in your friendship group. Check out our Nom Central Pinterest board for snack ideas!

2. Hone a hobby

Feel like you want to get better at something? Or, even learn something new? Your free time is obviously the only time you're going to get to practice, so take advantage. For example, if your dream is to be a superstar DJ but you're not actually practicing, Calvin Harris you will not be. ‌

3. Start a DIY

Always jealous of people on Instagram who make super cool things and make it seem so easy? You can totally do that! An easy DIY might take you an evening to complete and a more tricky one might take you a week but it's a project that you can really get stuck into and you'll get a real sense of achievement when it's done. Almost as good as the sense of achievement when you finished seasons 1-4 of Girls in one weekend. Check out our DIY & Crafts Pinterest board for more amazing ideas. ‌

4. Workout!

Get your butt to the gym, it's good for you. We're not talking slaving away behind the weights if that's not your thing. Head to a new class, try yoga or spinning or join a running club, do something that will get you off the sofa at least once a week and you'll feel better for it.

5. Network

There will be a tonne of meet ups in your town or city that happen every month or even every week and these are a great way to meet new people, open up new career doors and again, get you out of your Netflix-induced coma. These are really beneficial if you're at university and are looking for an in at a certain company or for a certain job path. Talking to people can be the best way to get advice. The internet does not have all the answers, apart from on here, obviously The Edit does have all the answers!

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