5 miracle school morning products

We all know the horrible feeling of snoozing through your alarm and waking up 10 minutes before you’re due to catch the school bus. Absolute nightmare. So, I decided I’d collab together all my miracle morning products and write about them. But that’s not it, oh no; all of these products can be purchased at a discounted price using your UNiDAYS® account! Even more miraculous.

Greasy Hair?

So, you planned to get up and wash, dry and straighten your hair, but that has gone right out of the window. Panic mode is now on. Well, you can turn it right back off because this Tigi Bed Head dry shampoo is the answer - spritz a bit of this at the roots, give your hair a good shimmy and you’re literally salon worthy. This dry shampoo is infused with passion flower, rosemary and hibiscus so you’ll smell absolutely divine too. Who said anything about washing hair?

“5% Low Battery Remaining”

The message we all dread. Low battery. And, it’s even worse when you need to leave the house like now - well, that’s where this Veho Pebble Portable Charger (with built in speakers *bonus*) fits in! Just plug this little bad boy into your phone and the world can actually start spinning again. morning-products-article-1

Bad Skin Day?

It’s bound to happen - the day you’re in a frenzy your skin has decided that it is not going to play ball. Fabulous. Now, you’re not going to have time to sit down and do your foundation properly with all your fancy brushes and sponges, so why not give the L’Oréal Paris BB Cream a whirl? It’s so easy to apply and it gives you that effortless glowly look. Perfecto!

“How Am I Supposed To Choose A Lipstick?”

It’s hard enough to choose a lipstick on a normal day, let alone a day where you can almost see the bus you need to catch out of the corner of your eye. I’m a sucker for a good tinted lip balm so when I saw this Korres Pomegranate Lip Balm I was sold! It is so pigmented, smells a-mazing and is so moisturising. This is what I call a miracle morning product. morning-products-article-2

Hair Kink Horror?

So, last night you thought nothing of tying your hair up ready for bed, but then this morning you’ve whipped the bobble out and you’re faced with every girl's worst nightmare. The dreaded hair kink. They’re literally the hardest thing to tame, especially in the 2 minutes you’ve set aside for hair styling. But luckily, something that’s really come into the spotlight recently is ‘Invisibobble’ (sassy name, right?) - basically, tie your hair up in an Invisibobble the night before and there won’t be a kink in sight. Whoever thought of this needs a medal!

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