5 feels when you go back home from uni

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When you’ve moved out of your family home to go to uni, returning there is filled with lots of new, and sometimes weird, emotions. You feel like an adult, but your parents still see you as a 10-year-old. You want to hang out and socialise, but you also want to catch up on sleep in your double bed, which now seems like heaven in comparison to your halls single. We break down all the going back home feels.

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1. The embarrassment of bumping into your ex when you look trash

You’ve just nipped down to your local supermarket to pick up some bits for your mum and, just as you do back at uni, you’ve gone out in your PJ bottoms. But oh dear, you’re not in studentsville anymore. You keep getting weird looks from people and you’ve just spotted your home town ex lurking in the dairy aisle. Your two greatest fears coming together in one. You’re starting to regret not running a brush through your hair this morning. Can you avoid them by ducking behind the cereal display? Nope. Awkward convo ensues.


2.The annoyance of having to tell your parents where you are at all times

Nothing humbles you like going back home and realising you’re not the big old independent person you’ve been pretending to be for the last few months. Every time you step foot out the front door, your mum and dad wanna know where you’re going, who you’re going with, when you’ll be back, as well as a barrage of other questions that’ll make you feel like a school kid once again.


3.The excitement of having a clean kitchen

As much as you’ll complain about your parents wanting to know your every whereabouts, the joy of having a spotless kitchen more than makes up for it. From the clean tea towels and matching cutlery to no passive aggressive post-its on the fridge, it all feels so good. It certainly makes a change from eating ramen noodles out of your only washed mug!


4.The awkwardness of avoiding family debates cos you’re woke now

You’ve come back from uni a different person with new opinions and interests, so when your family thinks it’s a good idea to convene at dinner time, it can lead to a lot of uncomfortable chat. Trying to avoid arguments over veganism and Brexit is like dodging bullets!


5. The delight of being treated like a minor celeb

It doesn’t matter if it’s your mum fussing over you or if it’s your old food tech teacher getting excited that they’ve seen you out in town, coming home can give you a taste of what it’d be like to be famous. You might not be a BNOC but you can defo rely on people back home to make you feel like a BIG DEAL.


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