5 breakfast recipes to brighten up your day

Having a healthy balanced breakfast is the best way to start and brighten your day! I am a massive foodie and I love sharing what I have for breakfast on Instagram. It allows me to offer some breakfast inspiration to anyone out there who may need some. I love interacting with others on social media to see what they have in the morning.

Fitness bloggers such as Clean Eating Alice, Zanna Van Dijk and Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) are a few to name who post unreal creations of their meals. I take a daily scroll through their pages to see what they have created and why.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If you split the word in half, what does it give you? Break and fast. The last meal you had before breakfast would have been your dinner. Unless you had a something at 3am as you were too busy partying at the SU. But besides that, breakfast is really important! I always ensure each morning I have a healthy balanced breakfast to give my body what it needs to function well. I provide myself with lots of energy and to fill me up so I avoid snacking.

If you're bored of having the same old thing for breakfast or you're lost for ideas, why not try some of my ideas I create on a regular basis. I will either go for a savoury breakfast which usually has eggs and veg like avocados and tomatoes. Or if it’s not that, it’s got to be a massive bowl of creamy oats. Here are my top 5 breakfast ideas.

1. Smashed avocado

Always on toast with eggs (my favourite) and sometimes with bacon too!

2. Oats

Always with almond milk and a variety of berries, seeds and spreads for flavour. I often go for peanut butter to give it an amazing taste.

3. Granola, berries, low-fat yoghurt and seeds

Because sometimes you can't beat cereal!

4. Traditional full English breakfast

Eggs, beans, bacon, sausages, toast, mushrooms and sometimes black pudding!

5. Scrambled eggs

Or sometimes fried! With bread and smoked salmon always.

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