12 Christmas-themed burgers you'd be silly to miss

‘Tis the season for festive eating (and having absolutely no regrets about going over your RDA) so, for those of you who fancy a quirky twist on the classic Christmas dinner, these seasonal burgers are sure to be a welcomed treat. We’ve enlisted the help of our trusted guides at DesignMyNight to find the best patties around the country that are oozing in pure, yuletide joy.

Honest Burgers - Bristol

We all love a baked camembert at Christmas, and Honest Burgers are the brainiacs that have decided to pop one into a burger this December. This cheesy treat is topped with smoked bacon and cranberry sauce for sweetness, alongside a classic Honest beef patty with homemade rosemary salted chips to finish. An image

Dirty Bones - London

This beauty from London-based Dirty Bones makes use of that bleeding vegan patty. Almost passing for healthy thanks to its B12 filling, the burger is then finished off with a braised red cabbage marmalade, caramelised shallots and hazelnut aioli on a delicately soft bun, making it the perfect meat-free alternative for crimbo feasting. An image

All Star Lanes - London

The oh-so trendy All Star Lanes have created a turkey-based bap that brings you all of the traditional flavours in one. Dig into Southern fried turkey with sage and onion sausage patty alongside baconnaise, a pig in blanket and chicken crackling. If you didn’t think that was enough (REALLY?), £1 from each burger goes to youth homeless charity Centrepoint, giving you even more reason to chow down on one of these bad boys. An image

Solita - Manchester

Oh Manchester, you lucky thing. This stacked burger is a real feast for the eyes, and includes a whopping 7oz patty, buttermilk fried turkey, a thick slice of ham and deep-fried chestnut stuffing. As if that wasn’t enough already? It’s then topped with deep-fried brussels sprouts, spiced red cabbage, turkey gravy, cranberry sauce and Monterey Jack cheese. To polish all this off by yourself would be nothing short of a Christmas miracle, but we’re sure you’ll have a lot of fun trying. An image

Gourmet Burger Kitchen - Norwich

Nothing says Christmas more than the smell of fresh pine, which is probably why Gourmet Burger Kitchen have gone the extra mile to actually smoke their 6oz beef patties with real-life Christmas trees. Finishing things off nicely (and of course, festively), The Holy Smoke burger also comes with crumbed and fried camembert, truffle mayo and onion jam stuffed into a sesame seed bun. An image

The Vurger Co - London

Another vegan delight comes from London favourites The Vurger Co with their Cracking Christmas Vurger. Creating a patty of leek, chestnut, cranberry and apricot, they’ve reinvented the typical vegan Christmas offering and revamped it by adding homemade cranberry maple syrup, rocket and fried parsnip tails for all the meat-free fun. An image

Hawksmoor - Manchester

Manchester’s Hawksmoor are dishing up another classic Christmas feast in a bun. Made with juicy turkey breast, a pork sausage patty and smoked bacon, it’s then placed upon a bed of sprout tops before being layered with a blanket of gloriously gooey Ogleshield cheese. To finish? The burger is then served with a side of sausage gravy so you can go ahead and dunk to your heart's content. An image

Meat Liquor - London

It’s XXXMas at MeatLiquor, so expect nothing other than big ol’ juicy treats from these fast food heroes. The mouthwatering burger is packed with free-range Herons Farm roast turkey, old-spot sausage patty, crispy bacon, stuffing crumbles, gravy and cranberry sauce. Wash it all down with the ‘Rum and Raisin Egg(s)nog’ or a ‘Family Feud’ to really inspire Christmas spirit. An image

Mac and Wild - London

London's Mac and Wild are dishing up a cracking Christmas burger this year, making use of a non-traditional meat that’s sure to get tummies rumbling. Chow down on a venison patty with Morangie brie, sausage stuffing, red cabbage and shredded sprouts, served up alongside festive fries. An image

Blacklock - London

Blacklock have whipped up a monstrously merry burger with generous doses of chargrilled British turkey, a sausage and onion patty, crispy Middlewhite back bacon and spiced cranberry ketchup. These guys are also encouraging festive dunking with a pot of gravy served alongside, with Yuletide Punch on offer to cleanse the palate. An image

The Old Queen’s Head - London

The Old Queen’s Head are dishing up steaming hot Crimbo delights from Lucky Chip. We’re pretty torn between the Rudolph Burger, with a venison patty, pigs in blankets, aged cheddar, honey mustard dressing and mustard, OR the Bad Santa. Aka the Billy Bob Thornton with an aged beef patty, a stuffing patty, candied bacon, cheddar, grilled onions and mayo. An image

Blackdog Ballroom - Manchester

Brace Your Elves from Blackdog Ballroom features not one, but two turkey burgers, topped with pigs in blankets, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce and a pig in blanket to top the bun. For herbivores? There’s also a cracking pun-based burger for you; Avo Merry Christmas with a Moving Mountains burger, avocado, vegan cheese (or goat’s if you’re a veggie), and cranberry sauce, topped with a humble sprout. An image

For more information on Christmas ideas in London, visit DesignMyNight and follow them on Instagram and Facebook; @DesignMyNight.

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