10 weirdest Halloween costumes ever

When it comes to halloween costumes, every year there is a selection that can pretty much be split into the brilliant, the good, the bad and the ugly. And then there are the downright weird and frankly very creepy. And let’s be honest, those are totally the best ones to look through.

10. Giant Hashtag

10 It was only a matter of time before they invented this costume.

9. Zombie Hotdog

9 A hotdog costume is strange enough - but a zombie hotdog?

8. A Vending Machine

8 Despite the refreshment themed outfit, I have no idea how you would actually drink as the costume seems to have no holes or openings.

7. A One Night Stand

7 I’ve got be honest - I actually love the clever play on words of this costume. It would definitely be a talking point!

6. A Giant Turkey

6 More of a Christmas theme than a Halloween one, this outfit reminds me of Joey from Friends with a turkey on his head.

5. A Gorilla Victim

5 I really don’t get this costume at all - if anyone could shed some light it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe I’ve missed an inside joke somewhere.

4. Kidnapped By A Gorilla

Article-size_weirdhalloween_4 The male equivalent is much better in the gorilla themed costumes. I think costumes like this with different legs are really clever.

3. Breathalyser

3 Just one question - why?

2. Couple In Bed

2 Although this costume is kind of clever it’s also very strange and I bet it would get annoying wearing it all night. So it’s a no from me and I think it’s earned its number 2 spot.

1. Giant Baby

Article-size_weirdhalloween_1 This is so creepy that it’s 100% earned its title as the weirdest costume ever. All images sourced from pinterest.com

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