10 weekend festival hacks

Is it your first time heading to a weekend music festival? Here are some top festival hacks to help make your weekend even more enjoyable!

1. Bin liners don't just have to be for bins

With the weather forecasted for 3 months of bliss heatwave there's no need to pack wellies for the festival is there? Well.. it is Britain, and if you're really sure you don't want to carry that extra weight there is an easier, not so fashionable solution for if you get caught out at the main stage.  Wear bin liners as socks in your boots or shoes, you'll be dry up to your knees and if you do experience a Glastonbury 2005 scenario, you won't feel too put out.  PLUS these magical bin liners also work as great ponchos.

2. Keep your drinks cool

Not a fan of warm beer? Create your own beer fridge without having to lug a cool box to camp.  All you need is a plastic wash basin and a pack of emergency foil blankets.  Fill the basin with water from your nearest water tap, add your drinks, then cover with the foil blanket.  You'll be drinking cold beers all weekend!

3. Keeping your tent cool

If this 3 month heatwave is legit, we need to prepare for some seriously stuffy tent-living.  Waking up hungover in an oven isn't the best way to start your day, and you don't have to! Buy some extra foil blankets to cover your tent, keeping you cool and as refreshed as you can possibly feel at a festival.

4. Decorate your camp

Because who doesn't want a pretty campsite right? It's also really helpful when you come back late and think you've lost your tent, especially when there's about 10,000 other campers with the exact same tent as you.  Be it fairy lights, bunting or a giant flag, you'll be helping yourself as well as your neighbours!


5. Buy all the Travel Johns

Travel Johns you say? They're pretty similar to shewees, and by all means if you're not prepared to squat over a muddy toilet seat, a shewee is definitely a good idea.  Travel Johns will be your best friend when you wake up in the middle of the night and realise you're camped half a mile from the nearest toilet.  They come as a plastic sealable bag full of chemical crystals that solidify your urine which makes them really easy to dispose of in the comfort of your own tent.  Sounds gross I know, but that's just the way of the festival my friend!

6. The ultimate hair accessory

I'm talking head torches people! The perfect accessory for preventing all those fatal tent rope accidents at night.  They're easy to come by and sometimes include different light settings so you could start a mini rave on your way back to camp!  pick up your head torch on the cheap with 20% off at The Hut for a limited time using your UNiDAYS® discount. fest4

7. The festival shower

You're at a festival so it's pretty much safe to say you're not going to be heading down to join the 9am shower queue, there are bands to be seen! Pick up some dry shower gel, it's really cheap online and basically works as an antibacterial hand gel for your body.

8. Ear plugs

Whether you plan to camp as close to the main stage as you can get, or just want one night of decent shut eye, pack some ear plugs to drown out the sounds of your noisy neighbours.

9. Prepare for cold nights

The weather might be great in the day, but as soon as night falls the temperature will too! Be sure to pack your cold weather garms, like a thick hoody, a wooly hat or even a pair of gloves. fest3

10. Keeping your hair at bay

There are three really good tricks to keeping your hair looking festival fresh! 1) Dry Shampoo, every lazy girls best friend! 2) French Braids, once you're hairs braided, you won't need to do anything else to it.  Plus it's definitely the number one festival hair style at the moment. 3) make your own salt water spray.  This one's more for if you have curly hair, the homemade solution will keep your curls looking fresh! Enjoy your festival! TheHut_20LTO-Blog-Perk

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