10 things students would never say

“Waking up for 9am lectures in winter is so refreshing!”


yk64CaweMrauI GIF Source

“I don’t think I’ll bother with pre-drinks, I’ll wait until I get to the club”

I really hope I never reach a point in my life when my friends don’t host pre-drinks anymore… #student4life X8omQqfFyeq1a Gif Source

“I got 99 problems but my financial status isn’t one”

OMG, Cathedral City is on offer! hol56wxuWmRrO Gif Source

“Do you want to do the weekly shop at Waitrose?”

I’ll stick to my 11p noodles from Asda, thank you very much... eXQPwwE8DFTZS Gif Source

“I don’t need to write that down, I’ll definitely remember"

What is Pi? 3.14159265359? Okay, I’ll remember that. 374pcIBVEGb6g Gif Source

“I love group projects, it’s so great that everyone contributes equally”

Oh? You didn’t do the content page to the presentation I created? AND you forgot the handouts? Great! I’ll do them now!

dShknkK8K2kKY Gif Source

“I don’t drink on weekdays, those days are for studying” Lol, just lol. iY6PQ2okAcf1C Gif Source

“£1 jäger bomb? Er, can I have Grey Goose instead?”

BRB, just gonna hit the new cocktail bar on High Street, goodbye peasants! KDId06ohMF0yI Gif Source

"I love the Harvard Referencing system”

This will never stop haunting my dreams. giphy Gif Source

“£9000 a year for tuition fees? I haven’t seen a bargain like that since forever”

I'll be honest, I cried when I read this! CLvStlDqfaPra Gif Source

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