Ways to make your room your sanctuary

Your room is your haven and let's face it we're all spending A LOT of time in this one place at the mo. You need it to be a great place to study, as well as somewhere to wind down. Here are some easy ways spruce up your room to make it the perfect space for you.

Prints and posters

Nothing makes a space feel more like your own than adding your personality to it and one of the easiest ways to do that is to add prints and posters to the area. It could be your favourite motivational quote or a quirky poster of your favourite gaming characters, find the vibe that fits you and start personalising your space!

All of the lights

Lighting is EVERYTHING when it comes to setting the vibe in your room. From the student staple of fairy lights, which help set a chill atmosphere for when you want to unwind or a romantic vibe if you have company, to quirky table lamps that are perfect for studying, there’s so much to choose from. Urban Outfitters have a really great selection so don’t forget to use your UNiDAYS discount to get 10% off!

All the plants

There are so many benefits to having plants in your room; they purify the space, make you feel calmer and closer to nature and research shows their presence can boost productivity, concentration and creativity. Sounds good, right? Even if you’ve killed every single plant you’ve ever owned there’s still hope for you! Firebox has some great starter kits for growing plants that take minimal effort. Oh, and make sure you use UNiDAYS for a 10% discount.

Get organised

Nothing is more stressful than entering into a messy room and, even worse, trying to study on a messy desk. If you’re the kind of person to naturally just chuck stuff wherever, then getting a desk tidy or simple organisational accessories like pen pots can really make this easier for you. Paperchase have some great storage and filing products, and the best part is some of them are really cute and personal so your style can still shine through. And obviously, don’t forget to use your Paperchase discount for 10% off.

Great bedding

Let’s be honest you’ll probably be spending a lot of time in bed whether it’s sleeping or lounging around binge-watching Selling Sunset or Money Heist. A fresh year deserves fresh bedsheets so treat yourself to some new ones and shop at Anthropologie, House of Fraser and Urban Outfitters, where you can use your UNiDAYS discount.

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