6 tips to rock your Christmas temp job

Congrats! You managed to secure a job. Whether this was to help your funds as you were just about to run out of your student loan, or you were looking to save for that huge holiday after the university year finishes.

How can you guarantee that you will successfully rock your Christmas temp job? Here are six tips that I feel have really helped me in the past to seriously impress and make the job permanent if you want to.

1. Make an effort to be part of the team

It may seem daunting at first but every other person who is part of the team now was once the newbie. If you get invited to a social event such as after work drinks, go! Even if it is just for 30 minutes, you get to meet your team outside of a working environment, making it the perfect time to socialise and get to know each other. You can also get to know your team during your shift by simply going out of your way. Always offer to help when you can, and make sure that you really show them the true team player that you are!

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2. Show your flexibility

If your manager asks you to stay for another hour and it really isn’t a problem for you to do so, then do it. Or, if your manager asks what days you can work, do not suggest less hours than you can actually work. Make sure to be honest with your manager and make it known all your availability. Even if this means working weekends, showing you are flexible will get you far.

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3. Don't think of yourself as the temp

Try to think that every shift you work you are being considered as a permanent member, therefore treat the job with the desire to impress. By thinking to yourself ‘I am only here for another 2 weeks’ can easily lead to you being less motivated. See the temp job as an opportunity to really show why you deserve to be a permanent member. Make sure to show your manager what you can offer if they were to keep you on.

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4. Show off your skills

Make yourself invaluable. You know what your skill sets are so this is your opportunity to utilise and develop them. Also, show them off! Let your team and manager know that without you, they really are missing something. Go the extra mile in making yourself seen as a skill-ful member of the team.

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5. Be a responsible team member

This is quite a basic rule that I am pretty sure everyone will follow when it comes to their first few weeks in a new job. Make sure to be on time as being fashionably late is not a good excuse. Or accepting the job then booking a two-week holiday and then asking around the current staff to cover your next 3 shifts is not really making a good impression either. Common sense is the key to this one!

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6. Make your work ethic known

Show your manager that you are good at what you do! Whether you are learning the ways of managing a restaurant, learning how to pour the perfect pint or helping customers to find an item, make sure to do it all to your best ability. A manager understands that you are learning something new every day, and they really will appreciate you trying your best.

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By following this advice, I really hope you do manage to secure the job. Hopefully, you will make a great impression, meaning that you can go and book that holiday to Ibiza with your friends as you are about to start making, even more, money. Remember to go that extra mile, and show them why they deserve to have you there beyond the xmas period.

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