How to survive Christmas at home

Although you may be looking forward to going home and eating loads of food that your mum makes better than you ever could, you may be less than excited at the prospect of living at home with your parents and siblings again when you've got so used to living however you want at uni. But don't fear - just follow our handy tips and you'll make it through the festive period!

1. Don't be childish

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I know it can be very tempting to argue with your brother over the TV remote or argue with your sister over that top she borrowed without asking but the Christmas break will be much easier if you just keep things chilled out (which means letting the little things go).

2. Help out around the house

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If you've brought all your laundry home for your mum to do then stop right there! You're an adult now and it'll be much easier to avoid having your mum nag you about not wearing a thick enough coat or trying to tell you what time to be home if you've done all your own chores.

3. Don't drop any bombshells

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Okay so perhaps Christmas dinner isn't the best time to tell your whole family that you're £900 into your overdraft already or to come out to your grandparents. Maybe keep that kind of information for after the cheese board?

4. Change the subject

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If any tricky questions come up (such as who you're dating, how your revision is going or how much alcohol you drink on an average weeknight) then the best advice I can give is to just avoid at all costs! Change the subject and get your family talking about something else instead!

5. Laugh through it

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Speaking as someone whose grandma regularly offends and insults her, I know that the easiest way to deal with tricky family members is just to laugh it off. In fact, you probably won't make it through the Christmas holidays without your sense of humour.

6. If all else fails, block it out

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