9 ways to survive the Spring Break-up

It's okay to cry

Really it is. No one's going to judge you. Take a deep breath and focus on how now that you're single, you have SO many options out there. That being said, if you're the dumper and not the dumpee.... remember that everyone has feelings and they're entitled to them. Here are just a few tips to help get you through the big "Spring Break-up":

1. Remind yourself that your feelings are valid

Like I said earlier, everyone in the break-up is going to have feelings. It doesn't matter if you're the one that did the breaking up or not. If your ex is taking things badly or acting selfish, just remind yourself that what you're feeling matters.

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2. Have a night in (or out)

One of the greatest things about being single is that nobody can tell you what to do. What that means is you can plan a night completely around what YOU want to do. Want to go out with your friends and forget the ex? DO IT! Want to stay in and binge your favorite show? DO IT!

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3. Do a cleanse

I don't mean to go out and get a bunch of juices (although if that's what you need to get through, by all means get you those juices). What I mean is, if you haven't already done it, go ahead and delete them off of every social platform you have. That can be as extreme as completely deleting there existence to just making it so you won't see them all the time.

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4. Treat yo self

This is probably my best advice to you. If you're feeling down, buy/make/watch something that'll make you happy. Maybe you need to go out and buy an entirely new outfit. Perhaps you're the type that just needs a spa day. Get whatever you want to feel like the king/queen you are. Embrace the Parks and Rec motto.

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5. Make a playlist

While you may feel like you're the only one to ever go through this feeling... you're not the first. I can almost guarantee that SOMEONE has probably written a song that completely embodies how you feel. Find the songs that make you feel something and put them together on a playlist. Keep listening until you no longer feel as terrible as Arie is.

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6. Talk things out

It's never good to internalize things. Something that may not seem a big deal can snowball until you can't hold it in any longer and begin to take it out on others. Stop, take a breath, and call up your mom/dad/best friend/etc. Basically call on whomever you feel most comfortable talking to and let it all out.

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7. Be the bigger person

This is probably the hardest one to do. While dragging someone across social media or being petty may seem like a good idea at the time, you may eventually regret it. Be the bigger person and live your life to the fullest. The best revenge is showing everyone just how great you're doing without the other and how you're not letting them hinder your joy.

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8. Download a dating app

If getting under someone is the best way for you to get over your ex, download a dating app. Doesn't matter if it's Grindr, Tinder, Her, Bumble or something else. You're bound to find one that is for you (and may even find your next SO that way).

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9. Don't hold back on Spring Break

I'm not saying to go completely overboard. If anything I'm just saying to not let the break-up ruin your fun. This is YOUR trip. It's not about them. If awkwardly your ex is ON the trip... find something that'll help keep your mind off of them. Remember, Spring Break is all about having fun and thinking about your ex is NOT fun.

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