16 bomb af gifts to give your BFF

Tis the season to give your ride or die a gift they’ll never forget. They’ve been with you through the ups (like when that hottie in your English class asked for your number) and the downs (when they were holding your hair back after the first frat party of the semester). You can always count on them so why not treat your bestie (and maybe treat yourself in the process)!

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It's called ~fashion~

You’ll be the most fashionable pair when you take a page from Nasty Gal. While you may dress up some days (hello dress reserved for presentations), you basically live in a t-shirt and leggings. Why not show how you just get each other with a shirt that SCREAMS “sorry not sorry”. It’s 2017 and with everyone being an asshole, it’s easy to get swept up in it all. Remind your BFF (and everyone else) to not be a dick with this Don’t Be a Dick sweatshirt. It’ll do the world a favor AND keep them cozy. If the “don’t be a dick” sentiment is a bit harsh, you can always remind your bestie how you love them for just who they are by giving them the Be Yourself Tee. An image

Always HAIR for you

With Mixology, even the smallest tokens of friendship go a long way. We all wear a hair tie around our wrists anyways, why not jazz it up a bit? Throw subtlety out the window with the By Lilla Bestie Hair Tie. For something a little more from the heart, try the By Lilla Love You Mucho Hair Tie. You can always get both and mix and match as a way of bonding further. Get a gift for both you and your bestie with the Hipstapatch- Best Friends (it’s actually two patches not one!). It’ll complement any backpack or denim ensemble. It’ll also prove that you two are inseparable. An image

Shine bright like a (unicorn) diamond

A friend lets you know when your makeup looks good. A BEST friend lets you know when your makeup looks good and then borrows your palette because they want to look good too. Cut out the middleman and get your BFF something sparkly from Lime Crime. The Pocket Candy Palettes are the perfect mix of function and 90s nostalgia. They’re also a great way to ensure that your best girl (or guy) always has an easy go-to look to grab. Speaking of sparkle, make any lip look shine with the Unicorn Diamond Crushers Cracker Box. With just a swipe of the wand, even a matte lip becomes glossed to perfection. If you want to go over the top, then the Venus Bundle is for you (the both of you). The complementary pair will make sure that any look you two do is a knockout. Or you can give both to your bestie… it’s up to you! An image

You've got spirit, yes you do!

You can never have enough school swag. I mean you can… but that’s to deal with AFTER graduation. For the friend that bleeds [insert your school colors here], there’s nothing better (or cuter) than the Tailgate collection at American Eagle. With 49 schools to choose from, you’re almost guaranteed to find what you’re looking for. Get ready for the colder (and cozier) months with a long sleeve tee or sweatshirt. Below are just a few of the examples of what you might find. An image

Give glamour

You can almost never go wrong with makeup (in 2017 anything goes). Sigma Beauty has you covered when it comes to giving the gift of glitter. The Loose Shimmer & Glitter Set will make any makeup look stand out and allow your bestie to shine. The classic Lip Crayon Set is packed with pigment and thus will make for the perfect pout should your bestie’s crush not text them back. Eye catching looks come at a price. If your BFF is just beginning their makeup journey, start them off with the Mini Power Haul. This will allow them to keep their brushes clean (and avoid any accidental raccoon remnants). An image

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