6 Alternative Gift Ideas

OK, so the Holidays are definitely coming and it's time to start getting your thinking cap on about gifts. You don't want to be running around on Christmas Eve, Jingle All The Way style, so here's 6 fresh ideas for super cool Christmas gifts!

For The Person Who Has Everything

If you want to buy a gift for the person or people that seem to have everything, an edible gift is a great option. How about a 3-month subscription to Mouth.com's Popcorn Every Month? I mean what's better than a gift you can eat? Well, maybe this Cocktail Hour Every Month subscription though, a gift you can drink - that's pretty awesome for the Holiday season! Plus, grab 15% off Mouth.com with your UNiDAYS® college discount. Article_AltXmasGift_1

For The Health Freak

We all know that one person who has insane willpower during the time where we're putting on more during the Holidays than the Freshmen 5. 20% off Reebok is a little gift from us to you especially for this - why not pick them up the gift of active wear? I really like this beanie tank top which is perfect for yoga or gym-training or if they're into a specific sport like CrossFit, some new sneaks will never be turned down! Article_AltXmasGift_2

For The Brain-Box

Or just anyone who loves to learn! Maybe you know someone who's off travelling abroad or simply wants to learn a new language in their spare time. A Rosetta Stone gift is perfect as a quirky gift plus you can save 10% on packages with your UNiDAYS® college discount.

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