8 ways to beat January blues

AKA - How to get over the January blues. It's reported that the third Monday of January is regarded as the gloomiest day of the year. The ‘festive edition’ of you returns back to the reality of deadlines as you start term 2 and having to adult again. However, there are some ways to keep your spirits high and continue your New Year’s expectations without falling into the trap of ‘Blue Monday’. Here are 8 top tips to help you feel brighter this winter and beat the blues!

1. Make Plans

To avoid even thinking about January blues, organise plans that you can really look forward to. Whether it be a trip to your best mate’s uni or a city break, organising great plans will really make you forget that January Blues was even a thing.

2. Take Up A New Sport

Why not join a new sports society this semester? Whether you are joining socially or ready to fully commit yourself, joining a society not only keeps you active but also is great for meeting new friends whilst learning something new. Playing sports not only improves your energy and mood, but it also makes exercising fun. It is the perfect excuse to run away from any signs of January blues!

3. Learn Something New

Utilise your spare time by taking up a new hobby. This could be learning a language, an instrument or learning a new skill. By putting a couple of hours a week aside towards learning something new really will banish the blues!

4. Be Organised

By being organised removes any thoughts of the amount of work you have to do. Take time to organise your workload and push yourself to stay on top of your work! You’ll thank yourself later as you walk swiftly away from the January blues.

5. Stay Positive

January marks the start of a new year, new goals and new achievements. Start off by turning over a new leaf and surround yourself with positivity. You’ve got this!

6. Don't Forget To Treat Yourself

You probably spent the last of your money on Christmas presents for friends and family, or indulged all your time and energy socialising throughout the busy month. Start January with some well-deserved ‘me time’. Whether this is booking a spa treatment, buying that must have dress, or to start reading your favourite book,make sure you have some time for yourself. You deserve it!

7. Set Goals

Whether it is sticking to your New Year’s resolution or you have set personal achievements such as keeping active or finding an internship before the summer, make sure to set some worthwhile goals. Achieving your goals will make you look back on January and think, what blues?

8. Get Together With Friends

Whilst January marks the month where all students isolate themselves whilst focusing on their exams and deadlines, make sure to spare some time socialising with friends. Organising plans with your friends will really make you forget about the blues whilst you either dance the night away, or catch up over a fajita from Chiquito (and enjoy 25% off too)!

Take on the January Blues this month by making sure to be organised, make lots of plans, and be determined to rock all of your achievements. Make 2017 a year to celebrate your many triumphs!

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