4 Zavvi series to binge watch

Feeling that money saving night in? Or simply fancy chilling out with your house mates and a good series? We're reviewing 4 hyped up series from Zavvi that you can grab with your 10% UNiDAYS® discount, because, you know, we're nice like that! The social team have been all over the binge watching over the past week, all in the name of work.

American Horror Story - Allie

Nope! Nope! Nope! I can deal with Game Of Thrones/Sons of Anarchy/Prison Break violence and gross-ness. I mean T-Bag's hand in Prison Break I can deal with, but American Horror Story is something else. Set in a creepy house in LA where the previous owners died in a murder-suicide incident and some creepy 'The Shining' style twins also mysteriously died in in the 80s, a family moves in with a psychiatrist/cheating father, fairly normal (it seems) mother and self-harming teenager (this is where I draw the line at watch-ability to be honest). Not for the faint hearted or the weak-stomached. It's a NOPE from me. On the other side of things loads of people in the office said this was great but they're obviously a lot more strong-stomached than me. ‌

True Detective - Katie

Straight away I was so curious in Matthew McConaughey's character, Rust Cohle. He's socially awkward and a bit of a loner. Joined by Woody Harrelson (Marty Hart) the programme follows the duo investigating a murder of a young girl in 1995. The murder itself is pretty odd, however I found myself more interested in the characters themselves. Exploring why Rust is the way he is and with flash forwards to present day, what the pair are up to now, etc. I'm currently on the 3rd Episode and feel like there's a LOT more to come. Can't wait!

Parks & Recreation - Dan

Set in the Parks & Recreation department of Pawnee of their local council, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler, writer and star of the show) is the perky main character. The first episode is definitely a warm up, sets the scene for the rest of the easy to watch comedy. This is amazing if you don't want to think to much and watch something funny! If you like Ricky Gervais' humour and the US Office it's really similar to that. ‌

Modern Family - Maddy

Modern Family follows the Pritchett/Dunphy/Tucker families in a mockumentary style show through their incredibly complicated, hilarious and sometimes messy daily trials and tribulations. Nothing makes me laugh more than the quirky and hilarious Pritchett - Dunphy - Tucker family! I am admittedly rather biased about this American sitcom because it’s one of my absolute favourites, so I used my boyfriend as the subject of this review and his first impressions were very much tears of laughter.  It’s the perfect show to watch if you fancy a duvet day, the episodes aren’t too long; we literally sat and binge watched episode after episode, and the characters you will truly adore. I recommend this show so much that if I had to give it a star rating it would be a million! ‌

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