5 Under Armour training must haves

Anybody else get excited when an awesome new brand drops with UNiDAYS? I know I do, especially when it’s gym gear based and I happen to be in the market for some new kit.

Nothing beats hitting the gym in some awesome new kit and so I’ve lined up 5 must have items that I’ll be ticking off my list over the next month or so. From head to toe I’ve got you covered so stick with me and pick yourself up a bargain with a tasty 10% off all of these pieces.

UA Sportstyle Logo Tee

I’m not always a huge fan of 100% technical wicking type tees. I like the feel of cotton but need to know it will dry - introducing Charged Cotton® a moisture transport system that allows tops to have the comfort of cotton but wicks sweat away from your body. Winner! My choice is white tee with the grey logo, perfect to avoid sweat patches and it will look awesome with any other colour.

UA Original Series Boxerjock

Take care of the underwear guys! Honestly, since switching to technical gym boxers, I’ve been feeling a lot more, refreshed shall we say? We all get sweaty and even if you’re working arms, a little boxer sweat is bound to happen. Lightweight HeatGear helps to move heat away from your body by making best use of Under Armour’s next to the body fit. Perfect if everything in your gym routine has to be in place.

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UA Qualifier Printed Shorts

These woven shorts come in a slightly fuller cut which means extra movement and extra comfort. They’re super lightweight, super stretchy and are basically the only gym shorts you’ll need, ever. It’s nice to see shorts with a subtle print to them too, sometimes tees get all the glory but these shorts are a real winner in my book.

UA Charged Bandit 2 Running Trainers

Finding a lightweight running shoe without a bulky base can be a little tricky. The Bandit 2 however have a lightweight stretch upper which allows a perfect fit and plenty of breathing when exercising. The sole uses Micro Molded G technology so over time the trainer moulds to the shape of your foot, basically creating a custom running trainer built around your feet and running style. What’s even better is you get plenty of change from £100 which doesn’t happen often from such a good looking technical shoe.

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UA Undeniable Sackpack

You’ll have to forgive it’s potentially strange name because the Undeniable Sackpack is definitely my bag. When I head to the gym I usually have a few things to take such a towel, headphones and water bottle amongst a few other things. Sometimes though, a full backpack is just too much and I’m not a fan of the flimsy little PE bags we used to have in school. Under Armour have created a lightweight bag, mixed with the best elements from a rucksack and put it all together. It’s super comfy, super lightweight and super affordable at just £20.

Now that I’ve completely kitted you in gym gear and saved you an epic 10% off all of these gym goodies, there’s literally no excuse to miss your next workout. So get saving and get training!

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