5 tips to help you get up and running this summer

Summer’s around the corner and, like me, you might be sat at home wondering whether that summer body is going to turn up on time. The good news is, if you’re willing to get a bit sweaty and don’t mind pounding the pavements a little, you’re only a few short steps away. Plus, 7th June is apparently Running Day, so what better excuse?

For me running is one of the best ways to exercise and unwind but if you’re new to running, you might be looking for a few tips on how to get started. I’ve rounded up a handful of things you can do to get off the ground, smoothly and as quickly as possible. The guys over at Nike also have an awesome 10% off via UNiDAYS site wide meaning you can drop a few pounds, whilst saving a few too!

1. Don’t tank it

Spring is the perfect time to get into running, the weather is a mixture of warm with cool winds that makes running seem such a… breeze. I’m not a fan of a vest in the gym but they’re ideal when running. The Nike Breathe running tank makes use of their dri-fit fabrics which help to keep you dry and comfortable when exercising. Sounds perfect to me.

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2. Keep hydrated

When you’ve been running a while, you might not find the need to take out water when you run. However, if you’re starting out and following a run-walk programme then keeping hydrated in your rest periods will be mega helpful and keep you going further. Grab this Nike bottle for easy sippin’ on the go.

3. No shortcuts please

We’ve all seen those guys in the super short shorts and we’ve come close to getting to know them a little too well too. Don’t be that guy. These Nike shorts will sit just above the knee and feature the Flex fabric which stretches with your body for a comfortable, seamless fit. They’re also sweat-wicking which will help keep your hot bits cool.

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4. Get listening

If you’re looking to get started with running, it’s not just these tips you should be listening to. Running with music can be a great way to escape your thoughts and help to get you through a difficult training session. If you use a music streaming app, you’ll likely need to take your phone on the run with you and that’s where an armband comes into play. Not only can this Nike Lean armband store your phone, it also has a handy pocket for your keys. My top tip: store your bank card behind your phone, that way if you get lost or can’t make it back, you have some cash for a bus or taxi. Trust me, it happens!

5. Get running

So this might not be a tip but the easiest way to get running is to actually get running. So grab your awesome new workout kit, throw on some running trainers (I recommend these super slick Nike Free Runs and always will!) and start hitting the road. Whether you start out slow and short or take to it like a gazelle, anyone can be a runner, the hard part is getting started.

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