4 reasons to take up kickboxing

Whether you’re looking to better your cardio, strength or coordination, kickboxing is the sport that improves it all! As a long-standing lover of the sport, I have experienced the benefits of being a kickboxer first hand. I’m here to tell you why kickboxing is the sport you need to start.

1. It’s the perfect all-rounder!

If you’re a gym-goer you’ll understand the chore of having to plan your gym workouts around your social life. For example, having leg day before a night on the town? Two words: Bad. Idea. With kickboxing, you don’t have to worry about planning body part specific workouts. A standard kickboxing session provides you with all the exercises you need to sculpt your entire body.

2. It improves your agility and flexibility

Who doesn’t want to be able to perform the splits and kick their leg above their head without falling over? It’s a no brainer! Kickboxing is your one-way ticket to a lifetime of perfect posture and athletic performance.

3. The perfect opportunity to relieve some stress

There is a point (or multiple points) in everyone's life where we need to take out our stress out on something. What better way to relieve the burden of stress than to take it out on something that you can’t hurt or upset – a punch bag! It’s a win-win situation as you get to improve your physical and mental health all at once.

4. Defend yourself

How many times have you been walking through town at night and not felt safe? Take up a kickboxing class and you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you feel when walking alone. Kickboxing provides you with loads of self-defence tricks and movements to help keep you safe if you ever come across that situation.

Words: Molly Maddison

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