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Lovehoney 20% Off - UNiDAYS student discount October 2021

Service Update

Lovehoney is still running, but due to current circumstances, Orders placed using Canada Post are expected to be delivered within 14 days. Orders via DHL are expected to arrive within 3 days.

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Which of our Fierce bodies are you loving this season?
  • Sleeveless Body
  • Long sleeve body
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Why You Need to Stop Faking Orgasms
Sex Therapist, Gigi Engle reveals how to work towards sexual authenticity
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Come Alive at Night!
Find the best saucy treats to spice up witching hour
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What content do you like best?
  • Gift guides
  • Advice blogs
  • Video advice
  • Position inspriation
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The Ultimate Male Sex Toy Guide
🍆 🍆 🍆
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Which of our Hourglass styles are you crushing on?
  • Long sleeve body
  • Sleeveless body
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Top 10 Sex Toys for Couples
Who wouldn't want the best for their boo?
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How to introduce sex toys to your relationship
Lovehoney's got the lowdown on how to talk to your partner about your sex toy fantasies
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The latest episode of The Sexual Happiness Podcast is out now!
Sarah Mulindwa, host of Channel 4's The Sex Clinic, shares her women's sexual health top tips
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8 Ideas for Date Night at Home
Date night = the best night of the week
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Fifty Fantasies to Unlock Your Fantasies in the Bedroom
The ultimate checklist 😉
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Want to feel more sexually empowered?
Check out the latest episode of the Sexual Happiness Podcast for Lucy Dawson's top tips!
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Check out our new TV ad!
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How To Feel More Confident in Sexy Lingerie
Feel like a goddess both in and out of the bedroom 👑
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Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men
Discover the wide range of sex toys that are specifically designed for men and people with penises.
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How Sex Toys Can Make You Feel More Confident
Orgasms are not the only thing they're good for!
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What's the most important thing for good sex?
  • Confidence
  • Love
  • Atmosphere
  • Lube
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How to Bring That Pre-Sex Confidence Game
Because if you can't love yourself, how he hell are you gonna love somebody else 💅
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3 is the magic number!
Ever wondered what it's like to have a threesome?
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Beauty in Blue or Rumble in the Jungle? 💙🐯
  • Blue Belle
  • Flirty Attraction
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Which little black number are you vibing?
  • Raven Belle
  • Peony
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Ever been unsure about how to discuss sex toys with your partner?
We give you the lowdown on how to talk to your partner about your sex toy fantasies!
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Episode 2 of The Sexual Happiness Podcast is here!
Listen now to hear our chat with Sarah Keyworth on gender expression in the bedroom
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The Sexual Happiness Podcast is back!
Tune into the newest episode now
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What's your lube of choice?
  • Water based 💦
  • Anal 🍑
  • Warming 🌡️
  • Flavoured 🍓
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Have you ever experimented with temperature play? 🔥🧊
  • Yes
  • Not yet
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Learn your Sex Toy ABC 🔤
to elevate your solo adventures, foreplay and sex life to the big O and beyond!
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Haven't you heard? Our new lingerie line is READY 👀
Inspired by the elegance of Mother Nature, bringing together soft pastels, and timeless florals.
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Want to know more about anal masturbation?
Learn why to do it, how to do it, and the best toys to take your solo play to a new level
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What's your fave stimulation when masturbating with a sex toy?
  • Clitoral!
  • Dual!
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This Masturbation May, we’re bringing you the best self-love knowhow from experts
This week, hear from sexpert Scotty Unfamous on how to improve your sex life by masturbating
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What's your go to sleepwear?
  • Teddy
  • Cami Set
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Are You Ready? Introducing Wild Anticipation, Our Newest Lingerie Collection
To celebrate our new found freedom, we’ve created a collection inspired by this very feeling.
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Want to up your masturbation game?
Find out how from sex and relationships expert, Rachel Wright!
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Almost a third of women surveyed by Womanizer say they don't masturbate 🤯
Empower yourself, free yourself and feel yourself with the Womanizer Liberty by Lily Allen!
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What a catch!
See our new fishnets made from regenerated fish nets - in collaboration with ECONYL®