Top 4 hairstyles for guys in 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking at your hair and wanting to get more from it. Switching up your hairstyle is a pretty cheap but very effective way to change up your look and channel a new you.

I’ve picked out 4 hair trends you can expect to see throughout 2018. We’ve got two styles lined up for those of you that prefer keeping it a little longer... and a couple thrown in for those who prefer a shorter cut.

1. The dyed crop

You may have already seen this look doing the rounds thanks to celebrities like Zayn Malik. But it’s a trend that’s set to stay and get stronger yet. This look involves short, textured and choppy hair coupled with bleached blonde dye throughout. This look gives off a bit of a skater, grunge vibe and if you were looking for a cliché term the bedhead would definitely apply to this look.

2. The messy punk

To achieve the messy punk look you’re going to need a fairly consistent length all over. Rather than tapering the sides or going for the popular undercut, the key to this look is in letting the hair appear unintentionally grown out.

This look is also a really good way of carrying off the awkward stage when growing your hair out. Add some salt spray and get the hair tangling around itself and creating lots of texture and messy vibes.

3. The long sweep

The long sweep is less about the slicked back city vibes and more about the rough and tough biker look. Even though your hair will be refined in style, this look is about adding a bit of edge to your appearance.

You don’t really want to be adding in any layers or texture with this cut. Instead, it’s simply about letting the hair grow out, fall back naturally behind the ear and held in place with some styling cream or pomade.

4. The crew cut

The cut takes is reminiscent of a G.I. Joe. The look is all about minimal, no fuss feels. There’s no better look for those of you tired of growing out your hair or having to style it every day.

The only downside to this hairstyle is that to keep it on point you will need to visit your barber at least every two weeks. You could crop it at home with clippers but a barber can tightly scissor cut the top to add in some texture and take out any roundness.

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