Top 10 alternative beauty bloggers to follow

I’ve always been attracted to the darker side of the fashion and makeup world. My high school days were a mashup of goth, emo and a bit of punk with plentiful eyeliner and woefully mismatched black clothing. While my style has evolved since then, I’m still a little emo kid at heart and love styles that are unique and different from the standard mainstream.

So for anyone looking to add a bit of edge to their style or to re-live their emo/goth/scene days, I’ve put together a list of my current favourite alternative bloggers and makeup artists. Each one has their own unique and inspirational style that sets them apart.

1. NaYeon Kim

NaYeon Kim is a Korean-American blogger based in Southern California. Not only does she have insane makeup skills, she’s also the founder of Holly’s Haven, a small, non-profit dog sanctuary that was started in honour of her own dog, Holly. Her Instagram account is the perfect combination of gorgeous makeup and adorable rescue dogs.

2. Ida Ekman

This Finnish artist, currently based in London, is breaking the mould with her makeup. She combines bold colour palettes and abstract brush strokes to create truly unique and inspiring looks.

3. Divina Muse

Another girl that’s challenging the makeup industry standard! Divina, based in Canada, is not afraid to use a mix of dark and vivid colours to create stunning looks, often with a neon touch.

4. Miranda Rights

Miranda is a Canada-based professional makeup artist and costume designer. Her style is a wonderful mix of vintage pinup and modern goth. She owns her own shop called Last Rites Vintage where she sells vintage and pre-loved clothing and accessories. Miranda also does burlesque performances and won the 2015 Ottawa Burlesque Festival.

5. Lauren Elyse

Based in Chicago, Lauren has an unusual skin condition called Vitiligo which causes skin, and sometimes hair, to lose its pigmentation, leaving it white (you may be familiar with Vitiligo through the model, Winnie Harlow). Rather than let this deter her, Lauren has embraced her unique colouring that comes from her condition and the symmetrical patches around her eyes have become a unique signature for her stunning looks.

6. Ree Phillips

If Morticia Addams had a sister, I imagine she would look a lot like Ree. Based in Australia and Matriarch to her own little family, her style is an amazing mix of Victorian and Modern Goth.

7. Molly Bee

UK based Molly is not afraid of using colour in her looks, as shown by her pixie hairstyle that’s constantly changing colour (it’s currently a gorgeous peach). She creates graphic and sometimes highly intricate looks.

8. Drew Disaster

Drew is a self-proclaimed lover of “all things creepy and cute”. She has a pastel goth style that she accentuates with a range of different coloured wigs when she isn’t rocking her own gorgeous natural fro.

9. Kimi Peri

German fashion blogger currently based in the UK, Kimi has modelled for a range of alt brands and posts. Her style is best described as a mixture of grunge and bohemian with a witchy touch.

10. Mara

Mara’s style often brings to mind a mixture of forest druids, vikings and faeries. She’s an art student based in the Netherlands and aside from blogging and modelling she owns her own store called Psypuffs.

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