The 8 most shocking moments from Westworld season 1

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This shouldn't need to be stated but imma state it anyways to avoid the wrath of anyone... MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS are located below. April 22nd marks the premiere of Westworld season 2. If you're not pumped (which why would you be reading this if you weren't) then it's time to GET PUMPED. In order to gear up for what is sure to be a season full of twists and turns, here are the 8 most shocking moments from Westworld season 1.

1. The location of the maze

The Man in Black spent the entire season looking for the maze and when he finds it... it's less than satisfying. Turns out it's a child's toy and isn't meant for guests.

2. Bernard is a Host

No one saw this coming (except for a few conspiracy theorists on the internet). Bernard and Theresa find a house that isn't marked on any map and behind a door (that Bernard couldn't see), Theresa discovers a room full of plans for the hosts... including Bernard who was made in the image of the other Westworld creator Arnold.

3. Teddy's real history

Initially just a mysterious stranger with connections with Dolores, we eventually found out that at some point Teddy had been in a bloody shootout with Wyatt. It wasn't until later that we found out Teddy wasn't working with Wyatt, he was actually a sheriff that had gone on a shooting spree... killing the whole town.

4. Dolores is Wyatt

Throughout the season we hear about Wyatt and his men, his murderous rampage, and his overall terribleness. It isn't until the season finale, with the Man in Black wanting to meet Wyatt that we discover who he really is. In actuality, Ford and Arnold had created the Wyatt narrative and Arnold eventually merged it with Dolores in order for her massacre all the hosts in Escalante and Arnold.

5. Maeve's escape is part of her narrative

Who could've predicted Maeve's character arc late in the season? Certainly not me. However, in the season finale it's revealed that everything wasn't as it seemed and Maeve wanting to leave the park was actually part of her "new" narrative.

6. Dolores kills Ford

In a scene reminiscent of Dolores killing Arnold, Ford is in the midst of his speech about the new narrative when Dolores shows up and shoots him in the back of the head. Without warning she then goes on to shoot all of the humans at the party and we're left wondering what's going to happen in season 2.

7. William is the Man in Black

This moment was actually somewhat heartbreaking. Throughout the season we'd grown to love William and his undying devotion to Dolores. This was also mirrored by our hatred of the Man in Black and his treatment of her. It's only when the Man in Black confronts her to find out more about the maze that we discover who he truly is.

8. There are multiple timelines

Let's just say, this season was wild. I wasn't sure what was real nor was it clear to me why I kept thinking there was so much disconnect between scenes. Come to find out, there were three timelines all revolving around Dolores. Timeline 1 takes place 35 years in the past between Dolores and Arnold. Timeline 2 results in Dolores and William's journey and takes place 30 years in the past. Timeline 3 is present day as the Man in Black searches for "The Maze".

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