Thankful For Thanksgiving Food

Let's be honest, Thanksgiving is a holiday that is all about the food! If you don't end the day with a serious food baby, feeling like you'll never eat again and would probably explode if you tried then you're doing it wrong. But normally it's your family's cooking that you're binging on - but what about this year? If you can't make it home for Thanksgiving (or just want to show your Mom what an adult you've become in those first couple of months at college) then this is probably the first time you've ever had to do it yourself so we've got some essential recipes to make sure that everyone ends the day as stuffed as a Thanksgiving turkey! Article_ThanksgivingCombined_3 The turkey is the most important part (obvs) but it might be a bit daunting to cook a whole turkey so turkey breasts are probably more manageable (and realistic) for your first attempt. And the Queen of all Thanksgiving foods - the candied yams! Although this recipe doesn't call for them, you obviously have to add mini marshmallows - it just wouldn't be right without them! Article_ThanksgivingCombined_2 Among the crunchy leaves, gorgeous colors and all-pumpkin-everything, I think my favourite thing about fall is that you no longer have to worry about your bikini body (because it's hidden under lots of lovely knitted layers) so you can indulge in as much comfort food as you like! And you can't get much more comforting than really creamy mashed potatoes and stuffing! Article_ThanksgivingCombined_4 When you're eating carbs on carbs on carbs, you should probably at least attempt to even it up a bit with some vegetables! Even though you're supposed to hate brussels sprouts, these ones with added bacon are really yummy and this carrot-and-parsnip dish is really warming. Article_ThanksgivingCombined_1 Thanksgiving dinner wouldn't be complete without cranberries or gravy so get saucy! These recipes are super easy and will finish off the rest of your dinner perfectly!

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