9 Times We Loved Cheese Too Much

Jokes, almost too much. You can never love cheese too much, are you crazy? Let's just take a moment to appreciate just how great cheese makes us feel.

1. The Simplicity

We love cheese because it can be so simple. Bread + cheese = the ultimate. giphy

2. The Dressed Up Cheese

But, it can also be fancy AF. Look at this grilled cheese suitable for the most grown of grown ups. Who says we're not adults? This is a prosciutto ciabatta grilled cheese, thank you very much. Article_LovedCheese_GrilledCheese

3. Cheese Night - That Is All.

The ultimate fancy event where you can just eat cheese and it's totally OK and no-one looks at your weird because that's the point of the night! ‌

4. Cheesecake

Name me something else that is as awesome sweet as it is savoury. Cheese wins. Hello triple chocolate cheesecake with Oreo crust, you called? Article_LovedCheese_Cheesecake

5. Cheese + Pasta

So we've covered cheese on bread and cheese on it's own and cheese in terms of cake so let's get into the rest of the cheese menu that rocks. Pasta is another clear best friend for cheese, look at this Chicken Parmesan Baked Ziti. Hell, yes. Article_LovedCheese_Pasta

6. Cheese + Burger

What can we say, cheeseburgers are the ultimate pairing. Whether it's classic American cheese, tangy Monteray Jack or a nice strong blue cheese, a cheeseburger is comfort food in a little round bun. ‌

7. All Cheese Based Snacks

Mozzarella sticks, good. Cheesey taco-stuffed mushrooms, good. Philly Cheesesteak egg rolls, amazing! Get all these amazing recipes here. Article_LovedCheese_Snacks

8. Cheese + Bacon

These cheesy bacon puff pastry twists are something else. Article_LovedCheese_Straws

9. Pizza

The holy grail of cheese, right? Just think of all the toppings that are made 100% better with the addition of extra cheese plus tomatoey sauce goodness. Yaaas PIZZA! giphy-1 Let's not forget all about cheese-flavoured everything, crisps, nacho cheese, cream cheese, halloumi, feta, blue cheese, cheesy chips, I could go on. Cheese, we love you. Never stop being you.

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