7 Ultimate Travel Destinations For The Thrill Seeker In You

Can’t think of anything worse than spending your holiday laying on a beach all day? Does time away from studies or work mean adventure time for you? Love nothing more than energising yourself with an activity that throws your stomach into your mouth? If the answer is yes, this list of ultimate travel destinations for thrill seekers is for you.

1. Shipwreck Diving in Palawan, Philippines

The beautiful sea surrounding Palawan Island is renowned for its clear blue waters, rich marine life and the 12 second world war Japanese shipwrecks that haunt its waters. It’s a diver's paradise with stingrays, turtles and whale sharks frequently spotted. In order to glide over the abandoned decks and negotiate the eerie passageways, you’ll need an open water PADI diving qualification but don’t worry if you don’t already have one as you can obtain one in 3 or 4 days at one of the many of the excellent dive schools on Palawan.

2. Lost City Trek, Colombia

Follow an indigenous guide along the 4 or 5 day 28-mile hike through the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern Colombia to the fabled Lost City. Learn about the Tayrona civilisation who built the site in 800 AD and how it was reclaimed by the jungle for several hundred years. There’s no room for luxuries as you’ll be sleeping in hammocks or bunk beds and rinsing off the sweat and dust in the gorgeous natural swimming holes that dot the trail. Be prepared for humidity and steep climbs but also some of the most stunning scenery you’ll ever see.

3. Cycle Death Road, Bolivia

Mountain biking down Yungas Road, grimly known as Death Road due to the amount of fatalities that have happened along it, is sure to give an intense adrenaline rush. Named as the world's most dangerous road, the 42 mile downhill route with over 200 hairpin bends and a sheer drop off one side shows no mercy and is only suitable for confident cyclists. Descending from the summit the views across the deep valleys and rolling hills of the lush Amazon rainforest are simply breathtaking but not for the fainthearted.

4. Horseriding in the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Despite being lesser known, this vast system of canyons is larger and deeper than that of the Grand Canyon in the US. By day witness the phenomenal natural landscape from horseback, stopping off at the numerous waterfalls and hidden hot springs. By night camp out under the stunning milky way and witness shooting stars with almost zero light pollution. There are numerous multi-day days routes, definitely an adventure for the outdoor lovers.

5. Atacama Desert, Chile

The driest desert on the earth, some parts of this barren landscape have never seen a drop of rain. Despite its inhospitable conditions, this spot in South America is an adventure lover's dream. Try your hand at sand boarding down the giant dunes of Death Valley, take a horse or a mountain bike and head out into the beautifully formidable landscape. Take a trip at dawn to witness the magical beauty of the geysers or try to swim in the impenetrable high salt content waters of Laguna Cejar.

6. Rope Jumping in Zakynthos, Greece

Jumping off the top of a cliff head first with nothing but a rope to halt your certain death for many is the stuff of nightmares but you will love it. Hurtling down the sheer rock face towards the white sands and bright blue sea via this hybrid form of bungee jumping will have your insides doing somersaults. You certainly won’t forget it and the dramatic and picturesque scenery of Navagio Beach is one of the best places to experience free falling.

7. Climb Mount Hua in Shaanxi, China

Nicknamed the world’s most dangerous hike due to the extreme number of rumoured fatalities. This adventure will have your heart racing from the get go. The climb along the steep narrow ridges of the mountainous peaks is one thing but at the top, you are treated to walking along a narrow plank bolted to the side of the mountain. Every single nerve in your body will be on edge as you carefully, in turn, unhook the carabiners on your harness to traverse across it, but come the end you’ll feel exhilaration like never before.

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