6 Scrumptious Strawberry Desserts

Strawberries are one of the tastiest fruit around. Sweet, seriously healthy and they make anything instantly fresh and delicious. Here are 6 of the most Pinterest-worthy strawberry based desserts that are literally making our mouths water.

1. The basic one

Yep, we're talking white chocolate and Prosecco but I'm down for being basic if it's as tasty as it sounds. A fluffy and tasty sponge crossed with the crunchiest white chocolate fingers. How good does anything look when it's surrounded in chocolate biscuits though? These clever fingers can disguise any dodgy icing or burnt bits, too!

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2. The showstopper

It's hard to deny how beautiful this cake is! The strawberry and vanilla bean cake from the Hint of Vanilla blog. Perfect for any major birthday, summer celebration, wedding or basically just because you want to make a fancy cake. This is a layered baby so you need to make a few batches of the same sized cake or at least have a couple of the same sized tins. For a cake this mega you'll need at least three layers so unless you've got a steady hand with a knife, making three different cakes is recommended!

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3. The one you can also have for breakfast

Dessert that doubles up as breakfast or a healthy snack is dessert we're totally on board with. Well, not that we're not usually on board with any desserts at all, but whatever. These strawberry quinoa breakfast bars are packed with fresh fruit and oats for slow release carbohydrates and are a great on the go snack or breakfast. But, they also make a taste dessert if you've got a sweet tooth but are trying to be a little bit healthier!

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4. The trendy one

Mini red velvet cakes. How Instagrammable are these badboys? Another layered beauty that looks absolutely stunning. These are a little easier than our show stopper because you can make one big square sponge and cut out rounds with a cookie cutter. You can make them whatever size you like by using this method, you could even make them even smaller and a.k.a even cuter. Pipe your cream cheese frosting in little rounds to make it even more aesthetically pleasing and then stack your cakes! Top with more frosting and a tonne of fresh strawberries.

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5. The new take on an old classic

Strawberry tiramisu? Now, I'm not one to mix with a classic dessert. You can keep your white chocolate mochas and your courgetti sticky toffee puddings usually but this intrigued me. A great thing about this dessert is the fact that it's no-bake so it's super easy and you don't have to worry about getting stuffy in a hot kitchen with the oven on. It's also coffee, alcohol and raw egg free so if these were the aspects of tiramisu that you weren't keen on, you're in for a treat. The ladyfinger sponges are infused with strawberry jam, the mascarpone is vanilla flavoured and it's packed with our favourite fruit. Delicious.

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6. The chocolate coated one

Obviously there has to be a dessert in this list that's also packed with chocolate because strawberries and chocolate are essentially best friends. This strawberry and chocolate meringue is probably the easiest recipe in this mix if you've nailed your meringue-making skills! It's also another perfect summer party dessert that will make a splash as a centre piece. Eat your heart out Mary Berry.

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