6 easy ways College students save on UNiDAYS

Students save on...

Absolutely everything from food to fashion when they use UNiDAYS. It doesn't matter if you need new workout clothes, late night munchies, or a whole new skincare regime, UNiDAYS has you covered. Don't entirely believe me? Why not check out 6 easy ways you can save on UNiDAYS.

1. Fashion

Need something for formal? UNiDAYS has got your back. Looking for something to wear on date night? UNiDAYS is there for you. Spring arrived yet you're still wearing your Winter wardrobe? UNiDAYS has over the brands to keep you up to trend no matter the season.

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2. Health & Fitness

Nobody likes working out. Actually, that may be a lie. There are plenty of people that like working out. One of the biggest challenges, at least for me, of going to the gym is the price. Another challenge is the fact I never seem to have the right gear... I may or may not still be wearing the workout gear I got as part of my athletics class in high school. With UNiDAYS you can save on gear AND healthy snacks.

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3. Beauty

You can never have enough makeup and that is a fact. Trends change so frequently that one day your nude palette is in and the next it's all about neon. Beyond just makeup, UNiDAYS can help you save on hair and skincare. It's expensive to keep up a good skincare regime but you can finally take the leap and keep your skin glowing and fresh (because if your skin looks fresh you can stave off the annoying "Are you tired?" line of questioning).

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4. Lifestyle

It's hard enough to keep a lifestyle in college. I mean... come on... How is it possible to have a social life, good grades, AND get sleep? UNiDAYS takes a little of the stress away from choosing between the three by helping you save on music, travel, and gifts. Why not take the trip you've been eying? You deserve a break.

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5. Food

Everyone loves a good deal on food. That being said... we may not all know how to cook. If you're in a dorm, you've already got the meal plan but why not get a deal when you get delivery? If you're in an apartment, take the next step with HelloFresh.

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6. Tech]

While beauty trends move quickly, tech trends move even quicker. One day you've got the latest tech and the next you're obsolete. Partnerships with tech brands make it so you don't need to worry about being behind the curve. Cracked screen? Go on and update that shoddy piece of tech. You owe it to yourself.

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