5 Snapchat Hacks You Need To Know

Here at UNiDAYS HQ, we love a good hack. From beauty to time-managements, hacks can be pretty life saving and also fun. This week, our Social Team have been discovering some of Snapchat's best hidden features. Check out our favourite six here, and happy hacking!

1. Shazam Hack

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If you're looking to free up some space on your phone, say goodbye to your Shazam app as you can now use Shazam through Snapchat! That's right, simply press and hold down your finger on your screen while a song is playing until you see the Shazam window pop up. It couldn't be easier.

2. Multi-coloured Hack

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Get creative with your text on Snapchat by making it multi-coloured. Look's fun right? All you need to do is write your text, select the first word so that it is highlighted and then adjust the highlighted section down to a letter and choose the colour you wish it to be. Repeat this method until all letter colours have been edited.

3. Black and White Hack

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Ever wondered how your mates are writing in black and white on a snap? After you've taken your snap, you can select either black or white depending on how you scroll down the colour strip:

  • For white - Scroll up and to the left on the colour strip
  • For black - Scroll down the right of the colour strip

4. Zoom Hack

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The one-handed zoom is finally here! Simply scroll your finger away from the capture button while filming to zoom in and vice versa to zoom out.

5. Multiple Filters Hack

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When one filter simply isn't enough, you can now add up to 4!

  • Filter 1: Pick your face detected filter (we love the cat and dog!) and then take your snap.
  • Filter 2: Swipe left to pick your colour filter, Sepia is the go-to obvs!
  • Filter 3: Press and hold down on the screen and swipe left again to choose your next filter.
  • Filter 4: Finally take your finger off of the screen for a second and then press down again and swipe left to pick your 4th and final filter.

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