5 Rad Airbnb Stays You Need To Check Out

Now I wouldn’t exactly class Airbnb as a social networking site but I can sit on their app scrolling through place after place for hours. Maybe I’m having a quarter life crisis and running away seems like the best option, maybe I just really need a holiday. Who knows? All I know is, the more elaborate, fancy or crazy the accommodation, I tend to wanna stay there!

To inspire my fellow Airbnb lovers and quarter life crisis goers, I’ve hooked you up with 5 of most rad stays I recently found on there.

1. A Castle in Galway

Ed Sheeran chasing locals isn’t the only thing happening in Galway. This entire castle is available for hire so you too can live like a king. Seriously, the place sleeps up to 5 and costs around £120 a night. I don’t know many kings that get by on less than £25 a night!

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2. A gingerbread house

So it’s not actually made from ginger bread, sue me. However, if you want to feel all hanzel and gretel this place has got you covered! It has access to a wood fired oven, a pool and a sauna bringing that fairy tale to life.

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3. This secluded treehouse

Rumour has it that this is the most requested room on Airbnb ever. The treehouse is made up of three individual but connected homes and looks like the perfect spot for those of you who like to get away from it all, literally and spend some time alone. I can see me sat here, writing an award winning novel.

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4. An old van with an epic view

This old van has put it’s handbrake on for the final time. Don’t let the pictures put you off, I mean it isn’t luxury but there would be something special about waking up to those views in the middle of the Icelandic mountains. Still not sold? It also includes an organic breakfast with homemade breads and jams. Winner!

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5. Your own private island

Forget love island, this island is the place for me. Super quant, pretty basic but everything you need for some real living. I could see me dropping the tech and heading here for a few days to get back in touch with myself. The owners describe it as a robinson crusoe kind of adventure, I’m not disagreeing.

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So while I work out how to take a month off work with full pay, hopefully you find a little gem in this list that inspires your next travel adventure. Bon voyage!

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