5 Nifty Packing Hacks

Heading back to college but dreading the whole packing process? Feels. Packing can seem to take forever and usually just ends up in carnage. Well, if you want to say goodbye to the packing dramas, you’re in the right place - we’ve found 5 awesome hacks to help you out!

1. Roll Em Up!

Rolling clothes is such a useful hack. Not only will it save you loads more space so you can take even more with you, but it also helps in reducing creases. Who has time for re-ironing clothes anyway?

2. LISTen Up

Here at UNiDAYS HQ, we love a good list, and so should you! When packing without a list, you’re going to waste a lot of time trying to figure out if you’ve forgotten anything or if you need to take certain things. By spending 15 minutes putting a list together, you’ll save yourself so much time. Check out our study checklist for a start! ‌

3. Shower Cap At The Ready

Even if you put your shoes at the bottom of your suitcase, they can still end up getting your clothes dirty which obviously isn’t ideal. To prevent this, simply pop a shower cap around the bottom of your shoes and you’re good to go. Simple, cheap and effective!

4. Cya Tangles!

Packing always results in tangled headphones, aka everyone’s worst nightmare. When you’re packing, put any wires into old sunglasses cases. You’ll be tangle free and they’ll be super easy to locate. No more rooting around the bottom of your bag for headphones!

5. Be Space Savvy

Utilising any empty space is great if you want to get as much into your case as you can. Why not pop some small bits into the spaces inside of your shoes? Or you could put any items prone to breaking inside of your socks. You’ll be a packing pro in no time.

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