4 Summer Beauty Hacks To Keep You Glowing

It’s here. I know the fact you've had to take your winter coat out of hibernation a couple of times might suggest otherwise... But summer is here! When it comes to beauty, it's a whole different ball game. With winter, the most we had to worry about was avoiding chapped lips and covering up a runny nose. But with summer it seems to be so much harder.

1. Swap for a waterproof mascara

Waterproof mascara is the obvious choice when you're away on holiday. You're trying to look less panda, more Halle Berry when getting out of the pool, right? Summer can also bring on a heck of a lot of tears... Graduations, weddings and hayfever being just some of the issues we have to face. Being able to stop everything running down your face is a massive help.

I'm a massive lover of Maybelline Lash Perfection mascara- and the waterproof version is proving a massive hit too.

2. Slather it on

Most of us wouldn't dare go away without sun cream. But even when you're not away, the sun's UV rays can be incredibly harmful to your skin. Even walking to the shops and back is exposing your face to the damaging rays. Not only does it make you more likely to burn, but it can lead to premature ageing. Don't risk it. Switch to a foundation or BB cream with SPF to make sure you're still being ID’d at the supermarket in your 50’s.

3. Lighten up, man

Speaking of foundation! Now the weather's a bit warmer it's time to let your skin breathe. It doesn't like being covered up in layers of heavy foundation any more than you like wearing your parka in this heat. Try mixing your foundation with some moisturiser for a more light coverage cover up or invest in a good CC cream. Your skin will thank you in the long run.

4. Get the glow

We're all after that summer sun kissed look. Make sure you exfoliate regularly to get rid of those dead skin cells lying on the surface. Always use a soothing after sun to help your skin recover and lock in that tan for a little bit longer. Don't forget to tan responsibly. Always use SPF and stay out of the sun around lunchtime when the sun's at its hottest. Have a fabulous summer!

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