12 professors that are ~sadly~ fictional


Some of us only manage to get ourselves to class because of the giant crush we have on our professor. Oh… just me? Awkward. Anyway, the internet tells me it’s totally normal to develop a crush on your teachers/professors, and it's not our fault as blossoming young adults that our professors look like they could be cast in a romantic comedy. All that said, and in no particular order (except for 1, Harrison Ford 4e), we present to you the hottest teachers and professors from TV & film:

1. Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Played by: Harrison Ford

Teaches: History & Archaeology

Why he’s so hot: Have you looked at his face? IT’S SO GOOD. Also, he’s hilarious and adventurous and BRAVE and he’s downright perfect. All hail young Harrison Ford.

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2. Annalise Keating, How to Get Away with Murder

Played by: Viola Davis

Teaches: Criminal Law

Why she’s so hot: There’s nothing sexier than the ability to command a room. Annalise doesn’t just command a room, she consumes it. We haven’t watched in a couple of seasons so hopefully she's still cool?

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3. Charles Francis Xavier, X-Men

Played by: James McAvoy

Teaches: Founder of the Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters

Why he’s so hot: He can read your mind so you’ll never have to argue about where you actually want to have dinner. Also, if he sees something special in you, maybe you’ve actually got super powers.

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4. Sharon Norbury, Mean Girls

Played by: Tina Fey

Teaches: Math

Why she’s so hot: She’s a pusher, you know? She pushes people. Tina Fey is our ultimate girl crush and she manages to break the mean girl cycle at her local high school. She’s hilarious, relatable, and who doesn’t love watching her steal the scene when her shirt sticks to her sweater in front of the whole class.

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5. Sam. Coulson, Never Been Kissed

Played by: Michael Vartan

Teaches: English Lit

Why he’s so hot: Did we know love before Mr. Coulson? I’m not entirely sure. For obvious reasons, we are still absolutely madly in love with Mr. Coulson. Is “Never Been Kissed” the weirdest, most screwed up romantic comedy ever? Maybe! Do we still fantasize that our super hot English teacher will fall in love with us and kiss us on the pitcher’s mound of the most high-stakes baseball game of the season? Absolutely.

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6. Katherine Watson, Mona Lisa Smile

Played by: Julia Roberts

Teaches: Art history

Why she’s so hot: She’s progressive AF and teaches the star-studded cast attending all-girls-school Wellesley about self worth. If that’s not sexy, I don’t know what is?

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7. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother

Played By: Josh Radnor

Teaches: Architecture

Why he’s so hot: Ted Mosby is looking for love! He’s incredibly passionate, funny, charming and we already know we love his friends. Mosby is a catch! Also, pretty good odds he’ll date you? He does that.

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8. Severus Snape, Harry Potter

Played by: Alan Rickman

Teaches: Potions (though we all know he's DYING to teach Defense Against the Dark Arts)

Why he’s so hot: The most obvious reason is his sexy gravelly voice but there are so many layers to Professor Snape, how could we choose? His endearing soft spot for Lily Potter and the reveal of his patronus so many years later warms our cold dead heart and makes us believe in love again. For that-- he has earned his spot.

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9. Elizabeth Halsey, Bad Teacher

Played by: Cameron Diaz

Teaches: 7th Grade

Why she’s so hot: She’s pretty much every school boy’s hot teacher fantasy. She kinda sucks tbh, but Cameron Diaz is never not going to be hot.

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10. Ezra Fitz, Pretty Little Liars

Played by: Ian Harding

Teaches: English

Why he’s so hot: Maybe he has ahem inappropriate relationships with his students, but we can’t contain our love for Ezra. Not only does he teach the sexiest subject (English), but we could watch him stand in front of that chalk board all day long.

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11. Miss Jennifer Honey, Matilda

Played by: Embeth Davidtz

Teaches: 1st Grade

Why she’s so hot: In a dark world where the Trunchbull reigns supreme, we can’t get enough of sweet, kind, maternal Miss Honey.

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12. John Pressman, Admission

Played by: Paul Rudd

Teaches: He oversees an alternative high school

Why he’s so hot: Paul Rudd simply does not age. Well that and you can see just how much Pressman really cares about the kids at his school as well as his old flame, Portia Nathan (Tina Fey)

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