Cooking tips for when you're at uni

1. Cook in bulk

This is an easy one, buy in bulk and cook in bulk, it makes your money stretch! If you can, plan your weekly meals. Meal prep can be based on your diet or how much money you have to work with that week (or day).

Cooking in bulk takes me to my next tip...

2. Freeze what you can

Cooking in bulk not only saves your evening time, but it allows you to freeze what leftovers you have, so stock up on those empty Chinese takeaway containers because they’ll come in handy.

Equally, split your meals and try to cook 2-3 different meals if you have the time. Remember, you can freeze chicken, turkey and beef for up to 4-5 weeks, so it’s a good idea to prolong your meals like this, if you can or if you know you’re going to eat them within the week, keep your meals refrigerated!

Mmm, protein…

3. Add protein to your dry food

This is a really handy tip that a lot of people don’t think of, but do at least once a week, when they find out, adding protein to your dry foods!

There’s a huge stigma around uni students living on super noodles and 5-minute pasta.

While this may be true, you can make your super noodles into a whole meal just by adding a couple of ingredients such as cooked chicken, mushrooms and peppers. After cooking your 5-minute pasta, you can add bacon bits or chorizo and maybe even spinach and spring onions. It's that easy!

And finally, where you source your ingredients from...

4. Explore your area

It’s very important to know your surroundings (obvs), but use this knowledge to your advantage. Take time out to scout markets and food supermarkets to source the cheapest food.

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