9 foods to boost your brain power

We all know how tough it can be to get all your work done to deadline. And the revision, and the dissertation…! * shudders * But, it’s even tougher when all you think about is your next study break snack. Luckily there are a few ways you can help your brain out to get the most from procrasti-snacking. These 9 foods are a sure fire way to keep your mind on track.


Not only do they look like weird tiny little brains, but walnuts are also great for your brain! They're full of healthy fats that also keep your skin, hair and nails in tip-top shape. Keep a little pot on your desk and you’ll be well away. Don't go crazy on these bad boys though because although they're healthy, they're high in fat!

Coconut oil

Considering it’s publicised as a cure for pretty much everything, it’s no surprise that coconut oil is also great for brain power! Roast your veggies in it, add it to your porridge, slather it on your skin… you can never go wrong.


Turmeric is full of brain-boosting antioxidants! It's also great in a curry and delicious served with almond milk and cinnamon in a trendy turmeric latte.


Another trendy food-stuff. But, avocado isn’t just super tasty on toast. Avocados help to protect brain cells and maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Both of which are vital for combatting all that deadline stress!

Red wine

Good news! Apparently, the polyphenols in red wine boost brain power - so when you’re struggling with that essay sip some red grape juice to help get things going! In moderation of course.

Dark chocolate

Yet more good news! Who knew eating for brain power could be so fun? Similarly to red wine, chocolate can help make you smarter (I've heard!), so break off a couple of squares. The higher the cocoa content the better! So, when the red wine buzz has faded and you need another polyphenol kick, head for the chocolate.


Blueberries contain brain-protective antioxidants, so they’re kinda like nature’s little brain-candy. Add to your breakfast porridge to start your brain’s day right!

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are full of clever zinc. A great energy-boosting snack for mid-study (or sprinkled over anything really).


Or just dark leafy greens in general. Try roasting kale in a little olive oil (also great for the brain) to make kale crisps.

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